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FDA Warns Certain Antibiotic Can Cause Aortic Rupture

The Food and Drug Administration is updating warnings placed on fluoroquinolone antibiotics due to an increased chance of aortic dissections. The federal agency will be adding this information to the drug’s prescription as well as any medication guides distributed to patients. This new warning comes from multiple reports that linked fluoroquinolones to aortic dissections, a rare but fatal condition in which the body’s main artery ruptures or tears.

Typically, fluoroquinolones are prescribed by doctors to fight against otherwise fatal infections. The FDA, however, warned that the lifesaving drugs could easily turn deadly, specifically for patients with a history of aneurysms or blockages in blood vessels, high blood pressure, or certain genetic disorders. Medical experts advise that patients experiencing pain in the stomach, back, or chest as a side effect of this antibiotic should contact emergency services immediately.

This is not the first time the FDA has recognized the risks in using fluoroquinolones. In May 2016, the FDA noted that patients using the antibiotic were at risk for peripheral neuropathy and tendon ruptures, conditions that create permanent nerve damage. In July 2018, the antibiotics label was updated to indicate a risk of extreme blood sugar levels and severe mental health side effects. Some pharmaceutical companies have taken the antibiotic out of production and distribution, but some medical experts still are concerned that fluoroquinolones will still be prescribed for years to come.

For some, the news from the FDA does not come as a surprise, but rather a painful reminder of damage already done. Many patients have suffered aortic dissection and other fatal health conditions as a result of fluoroquinolones intake, leaving behind devastated family members. For concerned members of the public and medical community alike, the decision by doctors to still prescribe fluoroquinolones despite warning after warning is frustrating.

Antibiotics and medical care should exist to save lives, not put them in jeopardy. But when a doctor fails to heed the warnings set by safety agencies and puts their patient’s life at risk, there may not be a reasonable justification. If you or a loved one have experienced health complications, or in the worst-case scenario loss of life, as a result of fluoroquinolones intake, let our team of compassionate and experienced dangerous drugs lawyers help you reclaim your life and bring justice to those who put it in disarray. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.