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Johnson and Johnson Recall Baby Powder

On October 18, 2019, a single batch of baby powder made by Johnson and Johnson was voluntarily recalled. The FDA stated the product tested positive for asbestos, a known cancer-causing substance. In order to take “an abundance of caution”, J&J decided to recall 33,000 bottles of the product and handle damage control after.

Johnson and Johnson Crisis in the Past

J&J has been under fire for years when it comes to their talcum powder products. Although talcum powder is most often used on babies, women sometimes use powder to absorb moisture and reduce odors in the genital area. The company is currently dealing with a lawsuit brought forth by 22 women who claim J&J’s baby powder and shower product gave them ovarian cancer. The trial took place in Missouri where a jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay over four billion dollars in damages to the women. J&J has appealed many cases in the past and is appealing this case as well. The company stated that there is not enough research done to prove that talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer.

What is next for J&J After Recall?

Currently, Johnson and Johnson are still sticking to their story that after 40 years of business, their talcum products do not contain asbestos. This is going to be hard to hold up in court since the FDA just found asbestos in a recent batch of baby powder. The company released a statement that they are still working to find out if the test results are valid. The company is questioning the FDA’s testing process which is bold of them after years of asbestos accusations. The company believes that the FDA’s results are inconsistent with J&J’s findings. So far, they have placed a banner on their website that states they are working diligently to resolve the matter and they also linked a website with more information on talcum powder.

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