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North Carolina Bus Company Shut Down After Accident

After an accident on a North Carolina bus on its way to New York City overturned on a Virginia freeway, the transportation company is being asked to cease all transportations and services.

Already under investigation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, North Carolina’s Sky Express, Inc. was officially shut down for their unsatisfactory safety rating immediately.

Spokesmen from the FMCSA noted that shutting down a company such as this is not as simple as closing ticket booths and expecting them to honor the demand. The company’s interstate license was immediately revoked, alongside issuing a cease and desist order against the sales of tickets and vouchers through ticketing websites.

The accident that took place caused wrongful death to four innocent bus riders and injured to the remainder of the passengers.

Just a week later, the FMCSA reportedly shut down another North Carolina company, United Tours, Inc. for posing a threat of similar dangers to passengers.

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