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Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise on the East Coast

According to recent reports from the local Highway Patrol, there were an estimated 48 pedestrian accidents on the east just last year. Sadly, out of those accidents there were 16 fatalities. When interviewed, State Trooper Doug Coley quickly blames the increase of technology in our society as the main culprit for all auto accidents, particularly those that result in the injury and death of pedestrians on the streets. It’s not just texting that is causing this big distraction, though.

Coley claims that even drivers who are distracted with their music and conversations on the phone are just as dangerous on the road as someone who is looking down at their cell phone to send a text.

The blame does not just rest with distracted drivers however; he also points a finger at pedestrians stating that it is also their own responsibility to be safe when crossing the streets. Many times these people will be walking and because they are caught up in their conversation, they fail to notice the oncoming car through the busy intersection.

The majority of pedestrian accidents are often caused by negligent or careless drivers, for example a local family lost their loved one whose body was found dead on Highway 64, from what investigators believe to be a pedestrian hit and run accident. Last August in South Carolina a six-year old boy sustained severe injuries after being hit by a car; three other family members who were with him at the time were also injured in the accident.

These are just a few examples of the devastating effects that cars can have on the lives of pedestrians. If you or a loved one has been recently injured in an accident caused by an oncoming car, contact the Whitley Law Firm today for the experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer you deserve fighting on your side!