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Recent Study Brings Gas Pedal Accidents to Light

A recent report by the Associated Press declared that women are more likely to be involved in car accidents caused by issues with the gas pedal than men, based on 2,400 gas pedal-related accidents in North Carolina.

These accidents, according to a study conducted by the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina (under contract for NHTSA) and TransAnalytics LLC, include incidents in which a driver accidently hit the gas instead of the brake. The results of the study concluded that these types of collisions are more likely to involve female drivers in parking lots.

It showed that nearly two-thirds of these types of collisions were caused by female drivers. When a review of all accidents and traffic collisions takes place, however, the opposite is true – approximately 60 percent of drivers involved in collisions are male (NHTSA).

While a majority of these accidents occurred in areas such as a parking lot, parking garage or in a driveway, researchers believe that drivers who accidentally press the wrong pedal while driving on the road have more time to recover from the incident and may therefore avoid an accident altogether. The study continued to report that accidents involving the accidental acceleration of the gas pedal instead of the brake occur more commonly in age groups over 76 and under 20. What does this mean to the researchers?

They believe that there are several different reasons that these trends are surfacing, one of which includes the area of the brain that processes tasks such as driving is not as sharp in teen drivers and the elderly. The area of the brain that deals with driving is one of the last to develop and may not reach full maturity before a teen begins driving, says the study. Adversely, many elderly performed poorly on tests involving the functionality of this area of the brain as well. Researchers believe that this may be a main cause of these types of accidents.

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