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Studies Find that New Cars are Linked with More Accidents

According to a recent study done in the UK, researchers are finding that within the first six months of a driver owning a car, they are twice as more likely to get involved in an accident.

Insurance underwriter Accident Exchange in the UK did this study, and they learned that despite the fact that newer cars on their roads accounted for only 2.9 percent of all vehicles on the road, they still were involved in five percent of the accidents. Their numbers claim that in the UK, 100,000 drivers who are involved in crashes are within the first six months with the new vehicle.

So, what does these findings mean? According to the Accident Exchange spokesman, these findings suggest that in many cases drivers are still unfamiliar with how to handle their new cars and therefore are not as efficient in their ability to brake well, or control throttle and steering.

For example, perhaps a driver is used to a vehicle where they have to place their body weight into the brakes, and on the new car a minor tap gets a full stop. Because of this, they may be involved in an accident on the road and cause another to rear end them as a result.

Another large factor in the newer and fancier cars is all of the bells and whistles that are now added inside of it. These include the navigation systems, the special satellite radio systems, and others. Lastly, the research also suggests that many new vehicle drivers get involved n accidents simply because they are feeling over prideful about their new toy, and perhaps are even try to show off to the world how flashy or fast it is. Many people behind the wheel of a new car are more likely to drive in such a way that they would not otherwise because of the simple fact that it is new.

In the event that you have been involved in a car accident with a new car owner, do not hesitate in taking legal action against them in order to seek compensation for you injury as well as the property damages done to your own vehicle. If you are injured in any way, you may be required to take time off of work, as well as deal with the associated medical costs of your injuries.

If this is the situation you have found yourself in, please contact the Whitley Law Firm today for your dependable Durham personal injury lawyer who can help you. We will do whatever we can in order to prove your claim and see to it that you receive the deserved compensation. Call us today for more information and together we can discuss the best course of action for you!