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New Study Links Testosterone Therapy to Increased Heart Attack Risks

A cardiologist interviewed for a USA TODAY report compared the risks of testosterone treatment to the risks of smoking one to two packs of cigarettes every day, or the risks of having an absurdly high cholesterol. A study that looked at 55,593 men undergoing testosterone therapy concluded that in just the first 90 days of treatment, men older than 65 had twice the risk for a heart attack, regardless of their health history, reports one Wall Street Journal article.

Researchers also found that men under 65 with a history of heart disease face twice the risk for a heart attack in the first 90 days of testosterone treatment. This is far from the first study to suggest that treatments for “Low T” result in increased risks for heart attack, stroke, and more, but this is one of the largest studies ever conducted on the matter.

Reports of these risks come at a time when testosterone treatment has grown in popularity, reaching 5.3 million prescriptions in 2011, which was five times more the prescriptions that were issued in 2000. Now this therapy has been known to help men with hypogonadism, a condition that results in extremely low levels of testosterone. The problem is, that many men who are given this prescription do not have this condition. One 2013 study found that only half of the men who had testosterone treatment actually had hypogonadism. And about 25 percent of men who underwent this therapy never even had their testosterone levels examined.

With the growing awareness of these potential risks, the FDA is being pressured to change warning labels on these products, alerting the public that these could be dangerous drugs. If you or a loved one have already suffered from the severe risks of low testosterone therapy , then you could be owed financial compensation.

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