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Texting and Driving: More Common in U.S. Than Europe

As many are aware of by now, the dangers of texting while driving are ever present and far too many people are being killed on a daily basis at the hands of these careless drivers behind the wheel. While many people may assume that the majority of other countries are dealing with these same concerns with texting behind the wheel, studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that the United States practices this dangerous habit far more than seven other European countries. Globally, traffic accidents are a leading health problem causing an estimated 1.3 million deaths per year.

The common causes of these accidents vary including drunk driving accidents, speeding, and failing to wear a seat belt or helmet. However, over the recent years these studies are also showing that driver distractions are growing more and more prevalent and contributing, if not increasing, the number of car accidents annually.

This study conducted by the CDC included observing prevalent mobile using countries and comparing them to the US. Among these countries were the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The CDC then closely analyzed their 2011 health surveys, specifically at those who admit to using their phones while driving within a 30 day period. This survey showed that in the U.K about 21 percent of the people admitted to using their phone behind the wheel at least once, whereas the US had up to 69 percent of drivers with the same question. The other countries all had a far smaller number than the US as well.

These studies were conducted in order to learn more about the prevalence of cell phone communication while a driver is behind the wheel of their car and address the fact that people may not stop doing so, despite knowledge of the dangers and legal consequences. Perhaps more and more technological advances will be made in the area of hands free communication, researching the possible ways for people to still communicate without being distracted while driving.

While these studies say a lot, there is still a very present issue of the fact that people are still allowing themselves to be distracted while driving. Text messaging is a dangerous task to do while driving as it pulls both your cognitive, visual and manual attention away from the road. According to statistics, in 2011 at least 23 percent of all auto accidents were a result of driver’s texting and driving, adding up to 1.3 million car crashes.

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