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Reflecting on the Internet’s Influence on Personal Injury Law

The internet’s launch in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee 30 years ago this week was meant to establish a network of systems connected, but no one could have predicted the monumental and cultural shift our society was about to embark on with the introduction of this groundbreaking technology. The practice of law is at its core an interpersonal skill, and the World Wide Web was never expected to create the contemporary convergence between users that we see today.

Nevertheless, the internet’s ability to connect individuals is what has made it such a force for change in the legal sphere. With the introduction of the internet, law firms, courts, and the law itself have all been forced to adapt to the new plane of cyberspace.

Law firms like the Whitley Law Firm have jumped at the exciting opportunities the internet has brought the legal sphere. Perhaps the most remarkable achievement the internet has had on the legal profession is its ability to provide access to legal resources to individuals who would’ve been shut out of the system without the proliferation of information brought by the internet.

In the same vein, the Internet has heralded the development of criminal justice sectors dedicated solely to digital crimes and redefined how we approach the First and Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens. Personal injury law has also been reinvigorated thanks to the internet—from being able to secure digital records once unattainable to safeguarding individuals from internet harassment, our understanding of torts and personal injury litigation has greatly been shifted by the introduction of the internet.

Law firms are now able to work with clients in locations distant from their office, so client management has become a central component of any successful law firm. Most importantly of all, thanks to the internet’s almost universal accessibility, clients have been given a new voice in their cases. Client reviews and ethics are a standard that cannot be ignored in the Information Age, and that fact has brought with it a comparable new age of injury law that is more client-centric than ever.

While many claim the internet has alienated some from society, it has greatly improved and expanded access to justice and the abilities of lawyers to pursue positive outcomes for their clients. The Whitley Law Firm prides itself on not only being a law firm for all those injured due to the recklessness of others, but a firm that is ready to adapt to all these newfound changes in the legal sphere.

Our attorneys are well-versed on how the technology has revolutionized the legal field, and we pride ourselves on our ability to seek justice for our clients in the 21st century. If you or a loved one has suffered due to someone’s negligence, contact us online here to begin your initial case consultation