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Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Reach $830 Million Settlement

About 22,000 lawsuits were filed against Endo’s subsidiary, American Medical Systems. In these transvaginal mesh lawsuits, all the plaintiffs claimed that this treatment for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse was injurious, causing such health issues as painful sex and bleeding. Wednesday, April 30, Reuters reported that Endo International PLC had agreed to the $830 million payout, pending certain developments, such as plaintiffs getting their medical records confirmed.

There is time for other plaintiffs to join the settlement by filing their own claim, but this is only a limited amount of time. Find out if you have a case! Contact the Whitley Law Firm today to ask for your free and confidential consultation with a female attorney. If you have been injured by a transvaginal mesh product, you can learn more about your legal rights.

Back in 2008, the Food and Drug Administration had alerted manufacturers that their transvaginal mesh implants were causing problems for some patients. Four years later, the FDA instructed these manufacturing companies, including AMS, to launch studies on the safety of their products and to keep tabs on injury reports.

Last week, the FDA was reportedly close to issuing stricter safety policies for mesh products, policies that would include a mandatory safety report that would establish whether or not the product was safe and helpful before it was made available to patients.

File Your Transvaginal Mesh Claim Before It’s Too Late!

If you want to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit to collect the compensation that you are owed, do not wait. There is a deadline by which you must file, otherwise your case will have expired.

You can call a Raleigh defective medical devices lawyer at our firm today to schedule your free and confidential consultation with a female attorney. Not only can you learn if you have a case and how much it could be worth, but you could learn how more than 38 years of dedicated service on your side can help you reach the results you deserve in your claim.