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Burn injuries are generally accepted as the most expensive injuries to treat and are, arguably, one of the most painful injuries to suffer from. The necessary medical treatment to recover from a burn injury can be lengthy and costly depending on the extent of the injury.

Additionally, the recovery period can be prolonged because damaged and, or, charred epidermis (skin) does not heal on an established schedule. Further, the most serious burn injuries could result in a loss of skin, limbs, or life. If you have suffered a burn injury that was caused by another’s intentional act or negligence in Durham, contact an experienced catastrophic burn injury lawyer that can help you seek recovery.

Burn Level Distinction

First-degree burns are the least severe burn injury. They can cause pain, swelling, and redness to the affected area, but this type of injury does not typically require emergency medical treatment. If the burn occurs to a major joint or the face, however, it is best to seek emergency treatment.

Second-degree burns are more serious. These injuries damage the dermis, epidermis, and the inner layer of skin, causing painful blisters. If the area that is burned does not exceed 10% of the body, it can be treated without requiring hospitalization. Second-degree burns do require more daily care than first degree burns to prevent the wound(s) from getting infected.

Third-degree burns occur when the damage extends to every layer of the skin and the tissue beneath, so emergency medical treatment is necessary. It is common to need skin grafting when suffering from a third-degree burn and this burn is more likely to have complications than the lower level burns.

Fourth-degree burns are the most serious, and emergency medical treatment is always necessary. The injured area is typically charred and black so affected areas often require amputation.

Contributory Negligence

Burn injuries may be caused by explosions, chemical-to-skin contact, fires caused by defective products, and/or motor vehicle accidents. Regardless of the cause, when someone suffers from burn injuries that have been caused by another person’s negligence, they may be able to recover compensatory damages. The right to recovery, however, can be altered based on the specific facts that resulted in the accident and subsequent injury.

North Carolina follows a pure contributory negligence standard in personal injury cases. Under this standard, if the injured party had any responsibility in the injury, she or he loses the right to be compensated. This is not altered by the amount of fault that is attributable to any party.

For example, if there is a two vehicle accident that resulted in the passenger of the first vehicle suffering from a burn injury, the injured passenger may not be able to recover, if it is determined that the accident occurred because the first car changed lanes improperly, which factored into the cause of the accident or the extent of injuries. An experienced Durham burn injury lawyer would be best able to evaluate an injured person’s claim to determine whether there is a possible legal claim that arises from the burn injury.

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