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While motorcycles are a common sight in North Carolina, the injuries a person could suffer from a crash may range from minor to critical. If you were hurt in a wreck, an attorney could help you understand how the common injuries from Durham motorcycle accidents could impact your life. Speak to a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney to learn your rights following a crash.

Typical Injuries Seen in a Motorcycle Crash

One of the most common injuries from Durham motorcycle accident is a head injury. Traumatic brain injuries could happen if the motorcyclist is ejected from the bike. They could also suffer orthopedic injuries to their legs, arms, and wrists. If the bike makes contact with the other motor vehicle at the point of impact, the motorcyclist’s body part could come into direct contact with another motor vehicle. Unfortunately, fatalities are common in motorcycle wrecks. And in severe wrecks where the person survives, they could suffer from a life-changing injury.

Aggravating Aspects to Motorcycle Injuries

A motorcyclist’s body is more exposed than a car rider. Riders have lost ankles, feet, and have had other amputations following motorcycle wrecks. There could be a great deal of trauma from the direct impact of the bike laying down on the road. If there is a car crash, there could be a number of serious and potentially catastrophic injuries that may occur to someone who is in the interior cabin of a motor vehicle.

How Broken Bones May Occur

Broken bones are common injuries from Durham motorcycle accidents when a motorcyclist lays their bike down. If they lay their bike down, they are basically tilting it to either the right or the left, whichever leg side that is. If they lay their bike down on the right, then their whole right leg from their hip down to their foot is going to be exposed in making contact with the pavement. Many amputations of ankles and feet occur because of that. This could also cause severe orthopedic injuries to the femur and knee injuries.

An orthopedic injury could also occur through impact with another motor vehicle. If the rider stays on the bike, it may not be uncommon for the force of the impact to cause broken bones. The motorcyclist could be ejected from the bike and could come to a rest in an awkward position or land on a wrist, a shoulder, an arm, their shoulder, or their back. This may cause severe fractures.

Serious Consequences of Sustaining One or Many Broken Bones

Broken bones could cause organ damage and internal bleeding. One may need to check if the injuries are significant enough to cause internal bleeding since this could be life-threatening. With broken bones, there could be blood loss and necrotic tissue surrounding the bone which could lead to an amputation.

If someone has multiple orthopedic injuries after a crash, it could be difficult to walk, or write, or go to the bathroom, or make dinner. Since taking care of oneself may be a challenge, multiple broken bones could be life-altering for a minimum of several months.

Recovering from Motorcycle Wreck Injuries

The response window for motorcycle accident injuries is typically more critical than with car accident injuries since motorbike crashes usually lead to wrongful death claims more often than one might anticipate. If someone loses too much blood at the scene of a wreck, it could be fatal. If someone is in a motorcycle wreck and they sustain multiple broken bones, they are recommended to get to the hospital immediately.

It could be hard to recover from swelling or bleeding in the brain. Getting to the hospital and to surgery as soon as possible – even by minutes – could change the prognosis and the outcome. To learn more about common injuries from Durham motorcycle accidents and how to recover from them, contact a seasoned attorney today.