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Any type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), whether it is a concussion or damage to the skull itself, can be extremely scary and potentially life-changing. Not only will you have to physically and emotionally deal with the injury, but also the event that leads up to the injury, which can be just as traumatic.

The results of a brain injury can be devastating and can greatly impact the quality of your life. The effects of a TBI can last a few days or for the rest of your life.

However, a Greensboro traumatic brain injury lawyer has experience advocating for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. A qualified catastrophic injury attorney could help guide you through your potential legal options, analyze the unique facts of your case, and get you the resources you need to help start your recovery process.

What Services Are Available to Those Suffering from TBIs

North Carolina has several programs, advisory councils, and action plans specifically geared towards helping those who suffer from a TBI and has appropriated funds into a fixed funding account to be used exclusively to support TBI services. For example, under North Carolina Code Section 11F.8, $2,373,086 was made available in 2017-2018 and for 2018-2019 for TBI services.

The State also has a dedicated Brain Injury Association, a State Action Plan for people with traumatic brain injury, and a Brain Injury Advisory Council, which was established under North Carolina Code Section 143B-216.65-66. The responsibilities of the Advisory Council include:

  • Defining what a brain injury is
  • Studying the needs of people suffering from TBIs
  • Coordinating prevention efforts
  • Making recommendations to elected officials

How Could a TBI Impact Daily Life?

Although minor cases of TBI’s are relatively simple to heal from, more serious injuries could cause victims to suffer from a wide array of symptoms that would make it difficult to live a normal life. In some cases, individuals have suffered mood swings. In other cases, victims have lost motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As a result, a TBI could have a disastrous effect on a person’s ability to complete a daily routine or complete work functions. If this injury was caused by the negligence of another, victims should be sure to get in touch with a traumatic brain injury attorney in the local Greensboro area for help with recovering compensation.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Can Help

In addition to the many helpful services listed above, a Greensboro TBI attorney can have a profound impact on a case by analyzing all the potential sources of fault that caused the individual’s injury as well as potential sources of compensation that can help cover their losses. For a personal injury case it is recommended to find a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro.

An experienced Greensboro TBI attorney can work with expert witnesses who can testify in court. These experts include brain surgeons, rehabilitation experts, and physical therapists who can help explain the injury and victim’s future needs to a jury.

Retaining a Greensboro traumatic brain injury lawyer could also shield a person from having to deal with insurance companies that attempt to try and take advantage of the person’s injury.

Consulting a Greensboro Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury not only impacts the injured person but also their family and friends. Speak with an experienced TBI attorney in Greensboro today. They can help advocate for you and your family to ensure you are getting the resources you need.

If you were injured and are suffering from a TBI, please do not hesitate to speak with a Greensboro traumatic brain injury lawyer today. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the better your chances will be of collecting your rightful monetary damages that can help pay for medical expenses and rehabilitation.