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Mass tort litigation involves many individuals who may have been harmed or injured by a product or pharmaceutical. Each individual maintains a separate action or separate claim against the pharmaceutical company, and it makes sense legally to consolidate those cases in front of one federal court judge. That way, he or she can make consistent pretrial rulings and make sure to cover the hundreds or thousands of cases that may be filed.

For this reason, it is important for a person looking to pursue a testosterone therapy claim to retain a Raleigh low testosterone lawyer as soon as possible to ensure they receive strong representation in the mass tort process.

Handling Mass Tort Litigation

Typically, mass tort claims are filed in one common venue, and then a handful of those are selected for trial. Those selected will proceed to trial and represent the Bellwether pool, a representative of all of those cases that are filed.

Filing a claim under mass tort litigation makes sense for the client in this case because he does not have to take on a multi-billion dollar company on his own. If the cases are all aggregated together, so are the resources to fight the company, which can be very beneficial.

In addition, it is not a class action suit, so the client is not bound by some other person who has had a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, a person involved in testosterone therapy litigation will not be bound by any decision – he has his own individual case and is privy to the benefits of all these cases being filed and pursued together.

What to Expect

Ultimately, it may be a long road because mass torts involve many claimants. The person who is injured will maintain control over their case and they will not be bound in any way by the decision, but it is a long and arduous process. Even if a person’s case does not go to trial, the overall outcome is almost as important as if it were their own, because it can affect that person’s case and all the others that are filed.


There are a number of complexities that can make a mass tort case unlike almost any other. For example, when hundreds or thousands of claimants are involved, some nuance rules exist, especially when a person is dealing with Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). In addition, mass torts involve many different sets of facts, trigger dates, and discovery rules, and attorneys may have cases from all over the country, which can lead to conflicts with differing state laws.

Hiring a Raleigh Lawyer

A person should look for a testosterone therapy lawyer who has experience dealing with pharmaceutical companies, experience working in MDLs and consolidated litigations, but who is also accessible to them. A person pursuing a claim should not become just another number, and he has the right to be able to interact with his attorney.

It is important to find an attorney who is able and willing to go out and fight these pharmaceutical companies, but also one who is able to have a relationship with his or her client on a personal level.