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Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) means all mass tort cases are filed in one common venue in front of a judge who can make consistent pre-trial rulings, expert disclosure rulings, Daubert rulings, and give a Bellwether trial schedule to help move the litigation along.

These types of cases can be very beneficial to individuals involved in personal injury claims, including those involved in a testosterone therapy claim specifically. The injuries resulting from low testosterone therapy can be life-changing, and there are many people that have claims against manufacturers of the product, so Multidistrict litigation allows the injuries to be addressed while also accounting for the numerous people involved in the claim.

With that said, multidistrict litigation is unlike normal personal injury claims so it is very important for a person pursuing this legal process to have an attorney on their side who has experience with these types of cases. A Raleigh low testosterone lawyer can use their knowledge and experience to push for the best possible outcome and for the compensation that those impacted deserve.

Types of Cases

Typically, mass tort cases use MDL. These types of cases include many plaintiffs or many people who were injured by a common product.  That does not necessarily mean that all plaintiffs have been injured by the same physical product, but that every individual will have a claim against the manufacturer of whichever testosterone replacement therapy he used.

How the Case Works

In an MDL case, the plaintiff’s case would be filed in the designated district. For example, if the plaintiff lives in North Carolina but the MDL for AndroGel is in federal court in Illinois, his case should be filed in federal court in Illinois. The case is filed typically using a short-form complaint that he would need to complete, as well as a plaintiff fact sheet, which is a long set of consistent discovery that serves for every man who has a case in the MDL.

Then, after the plaintiff’s fact sheet is served, his case would essentially stay pending the outcome of the initial Bellwether trials. The Bellwether trials are trials for a handful of testosterone replacement therapy cases that are selected to go to trial as a representative of all plaintiffs.


From a judicial efficiency perspective, it makes a lot of sense to have all cases filed in one common venue. That way, attorneys are able to work together to fight these major pharmaceutical companies and really do what they can to ensure the client receives the compensation he deserves.

The benefits of an MDL case are that many attorneys can pull all their resources together. It makes it a little bit more efficient without forcing one client to bear the brunt of all the work, and it really helps move things along. Especially when dealing with experts and different state laws in that regard, an MDL case allows for consistent pre-trial expert disclosure rulings that will not cause a thousand different testosterone replacement cases to pop up in different places around the country.