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It is a company’s responsibility to warn users of all the known dangers and risks associated with their products. When companies opt not to inform customers of the risks, such as Monsanto may have done in manufacturing its Roundup weed killer, they potentially threaten the lives of any person who uses their product.

If you or someone you love has used or been exposed to Roundup weed killer on a regular basis and was diagnosed with cancer, there may be a connection. Our experienced liability attorneys at Whitley Law Firm can help investigate whether you have a potential claim for a Roundup lawsuit in Raleigh, and fight to hold the company behind the weed killer responsible for any injuries caused.

The Link Between Roundup’s Glyphosate and Cancer

For more than 10 years, medical and academic journals have published evidence of a link between cancer and Roundup weed killer. Unfortunately, the public is only now learning of the full damage possible when using glyphosate, one of the active ingredients in Roundup.

Though not officially recognized as a carcinogen until 2015, the chemical has long raised eyebrows in the scientific community. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expressed concerns about the use of glyphosate as early as the 1980s.

One study found that individuals exposed to glyphosate were more likely to develop lymphoma, a cancer of the blood, than those not exposed to the chemical. A similar study linked lymphoma to Roundup exposure in Midwestern farmers. Swedish researchers even say the chemical can double the odds of a person developing cancer within a 10-year time span.

Seeking Damages in a Raleigh Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

Any harm suffered due to exposure to the weed killer and its main ingredient, glyphosate, may be considered when calculating damages in a Roundup lawsuit against Monsanto.

Economic losses such as medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning potential can be factored into a Roundup lawsuit claim or settlement. Non-economic damages including the pain and suffering endured by the victim and their decline in quality of life may also be considered when pursuing compensation.

In cases where families lost loved ones because of their exposure to Roundup and its ingredient glyphosate, survivors may take legal action. As representatives of their estate, the family may be able to pursue damages and hold Monsanto accountable for their loss by filing a lawsuit against Roundup with the help from one of our experienced attorneys.

Consult with a Raleigh Lawyer about Roundup Claims Today

Pursuing a Roundup lawsuit against Monsanto may seem daunting for many of those injured or diagnosed with cancer after being exposed to the weed killer. However, the Raleigh Roundup legal team at Whitley Law Firm is dedicated to justice and fighting tirelessly for those harmed by Roundup and its manufacturer, Monsanto.

We can help you by reviewing your circumstances and determining its legal viability. We offer dedication and commitment to each case, with the goal of easing the process for our clients while striving to obtain appropriate compensation for their damages or loss.

Call now to schedule an appointment with a compassionate attorney knowledgeable about the effects that Roundup and glyphosate can have on a person’s health, and passionate about pursuing justice for those harmed by it.

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