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Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries. If you were hit by a vehicle while walking, jogging, standing in a driveway, in a crosswalk, on a sidewalk, or by the roadside, chances are your injuries are serious and your pain and medical bills will be significant. Pedestrian accidents are considered personal injuries.

To recover compensation for your pain, suffering, financial losses, medical expenses, and lost wages requires that you are able to prove negligence and liability for the accident, which means you need an experienced Southern Pines pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you get through the filing deadlines, file the proper paperwork, and negotiate with insurance companies. Work with a dedicated personal injury lawyer who could help you seek the justice and fair compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Drivers who run red lights or make right turns through a crosswalk and hit pedestrians
  • Distracted drivers, such as those who talk on cell phones or text while driving
  • Illegally parked cars that make it hard to see pedestrians and bicyclists

A Southern Pines pedestrian accident lawyer could assist individuals by investigating the details of their accident to determine fault and can determine if recovery is possible.

What Injuries are Typically Seen in Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents can result in brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and more, and while these injuries can cause extensive pain and suffering, they can also result in enormous medical expenses. A personal injury lawsuit, handled by a knowledgeable lay firm can ease the stress and heavy burdens caused by a negligent driver.

A Southern Pines pedestrian accident lawyer could give someone the qualified legal assistance that they need to recover fair damages for all of the trauma and financial stress that they have experienced.

What are the Pedestrian Laws?

In North Carolina, pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections and driveways, but a pedestrian can be negligent and cause an accident. The state law requires pedestrians to act in a reasonably cautious manner in public areas. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

People walking on rural roads may fail to wear bright, reflective clothing so drivers can see them. Joggers wearing headphones can get distracted by their music and not notice crosswalks. Pedestrians who become intoxicated can wander into busy streets.

A pedestrian is obligated by law to:

  • To obey traffic control signals
  • Yield right of way to all vehicles when walking along or upon a highway
  • Walk on a sidewalk, if a road has a sidewalk available
  • Watch for vehicles before and while crossing a highway
  • Must walk facing on-coming traffic on roads where there is no sidewalk
  • Yield right of way to all vehicles when crossing a road anywhere other than a crosswalk

If a pedestrian has acted in a reckless manner or has violated traffic rules, then he or she may be partially responsible for any resulting accident, which is a serious issue. Under North Carolina contributory negligence rules, if a person is even one percent responsible for an accident they risk being able to recover any compensation for that accident.

Speaking with a Southern Pines Pedestrian Accident Attorney

It is common for insurance companies and other defendants to cite “insufficient evidence” in their defense against a legitimate pedestrian accident personal injury claim. A Southern Pines Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can assist you in establishing fault for a range of claims.

Processing an injury claim can be confusing, so if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in North Carolina, or if your loved one has been killed, you need the advice of legal counsel.

Regardless of whether your lawsuit is against an insurance company, an employer, or the responsible party in an accident, a Southern Pines Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can defend your right to recover fair compensation.