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Asbestos Found in Claire’s Cosmetics Leads to Class Action Lawsuit

This week, a class action lawsuit was initiated in New York Federal Court in response to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s consumer advisory that certain talc-based cosmetic products sold nation-wide and online by the popular children’s makeup brand Claire’s contained unsafe levels of asbestos.

Claire’s joins a growing group of cosmetic companies facing backlash for their talc-based products. Fellow producer Johnson & Johnson is already at the center of multi-district litigation around the country for health complications related to their talc-based products. Claire’s has had no reported medical complications as a result of their products, but the FDA began an investigation into the company after they received reports of the brand’s marketing of contaminated cosmetics.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen with a long list of exposure-related health complications, but it is also a natural mineral and is often found near talc mining sites. As the FDA explained, “if talc mining sites are not selected carefully and steps aren’t taken to purify the talc ore sufficiently, the talc may be contaminated with asbestos.”

Claire’s responded to the discovery of asbestos in their products with a swift recall, informing their customers that they “understand many parents trust and expect” their products to be safe. The company has since switched their production to be talc-free for all its cosmetics.

Product manufacturers producing dangerous products is unfortunately not exclusive to the cosmetics industry. People around the nation are victimized daily by corporations that put their profits before their customer’s safety.

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