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Concussions on the Field: Making the Players Stop Before It’s Too Late

While sports can be a thrilling activity to participate in, it can also lead to severe injuries as a result of the roughness and high impact contact between the players in certain sports. Many athletes often choose to shrug off an injury because they would rather keep playing, and help their team on their way to victory.

However, there is one injury that should not be hidden with a blind eye, and that is concussions. According to research by the American Academy of Neurology, in the event of a suspected concussion of an athlete, they must be immediately taken off the field in order to address the issues by the trainer or physician. They are not to be released until the health professional gives the okay.

This research points out the fact that when an athlete returns to the field before they are ready, it could lead to life threatening injuries that could cost them their sports career. Depending on the severity of the original injury, playing the sport again with a concussion could increase the chances of brain damages as well as other medical complications. There are many tools available for trainers and coaches in order to determine whether there players are fit to go on the field again; however, neurologists claims that many of them are still not prepared or equipped to give these medical releases, either.

Perhaps your child was feeling the symptoms of a concussion during their game, and yet the coach forced them to continue playing. This could potentially lead to further damage, and for that reason having a skilled personal injury attorney on your side is essential. Contact the Whitley Law Firm today for the Raleigh injury attorney you deserve on your side.