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New Study Finds Accidents More Dangerous For Women

A study published in American Journal of Public Health notes that women are 47 percent more likely to become seriously injured in a car accident than men.

Researchers on the study say that this is because vehicle safety equipment is not designed for women’s bodies, which are generally shorter and lighter than men’s bodies.

To address this disparity, according to the study, health policies need to focus on creating effective safety designs specifically made for the female population to see a successful decrease in serious injury.

ABC News, however, reported that the findings of the study are irrelevant and probably don’t apply to cars today, since the researchers only used auto accidents between the years 1998 and 2008, and some, if not many, of those cars were made before 1998.

A spokesman for the Center for Auto Safety revealed to ABC News that the study would have been more relevant if it was limited to vehicles made during or after the year 2000, especially since the average life of the car is around 12 years. Furthermore, the study would be even more relevant if all vehicles had “female friendly” airbags.

Another study published by Carnegie Melon University reveals that men are 77% more likely to suffer fatal injuries in a car accident than women, when factoring in the number of miles driven per person.

As for the question on which sex is actually safer at the wheel of a vehicle, many studies seem to continue the long debate. Different studies, using different statistics and crash data, continue to reach different solutions regarding safety of males and females behind the wheel.

Despite the conclusion that these studies have come to, it is always important for a person behind the wheel of a vehicle to practice safe driving methods, including wearing your seatbelt, refraining from speeding and obeying all traffic laws.

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