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Are You Really Prepared for an Auto Accident?

You may think you already know what you need to do if you are ever in a car crash, but things may be different when you suddenly find yourself in such frightening circumstances. Other drivers will not or maybe cannot cooperate with you either; some motorists do not even know what information to give you. If you miss out on important information, either from a brief lapse of concentration or the failure of another driver, you may be on the hook for expensive car and medical bills. Here are some tips to keep this from happening to you.

Before a crash, you should probably look over your insurance policy. Are you insured in case you are the victim of a hit and run accident? Will you be covered if another driver is uninsured or underinsured? You need to know what you are covered for. You may also want to outline the information that you will need, like the other driver’s name and contact information, insurance, license plate, etc., making a sort of worksheet to keep handy, reminding you what you need to do if the time ever comes.

At the scene of an accident, keep your phone on you, as you will probably want to take pictures of the scene, the license plate, the damage to your car, etc. You will need to take down written notes of the scene too.

Once everything is stable, everyone is safe, you will need to remember to jot down intersections, the time and date, the make and model of the car, a description and the behavior of the other driver, and more. Almost everything is noteworthy. If there are other drivers or passersby who saw the crash, then if you can, you will want to get their full names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Do not forget to call the police.

Also, if you fail to provide another driver with your information, and you do not call the police, leaving the scene means that you can be charged with a hit and run. In North Carolina, this could mean a class 1 misdemeanor or a class F felony charge. Your license could also be revoked.

You need to remember the law so that you follow it, and so that you understand your rights. You also need to be prepared to handle the situation, ready to take down all the information you will need to get coverage from insurance.

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