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Reasons Car Accident Cases (Usually) Don’t Go To Trial

Reasons Car Accident Cases (Usually) Don’t Go To Trial

While pleading your case before a jury of peers might sound appealing, the truth is, in most cases, lawyers are going to want to resolve the case before going to a trial. This is true for both sides. This is because a jury trial is a process filled with a great deal of uncertainty; there is no telling which way the verdict will go. After all, if both attorneys presented the same arguments to several different juries, the outcomes would be different every time.

Then there is the fact that lawyers and insurance adjusters alike are aware of how much your claim is really worth. Because of this, realistic negotiations can be conducted to reach the right settlement. Furthermore, going to trial may end up costing more than it is worth. Not only is it costly to hire experts, but an ever-lengthening process could rack up costs in no time at all. And again, these expenses would be for a highly uncertain result.

Usually, the only reason an insurance company and a car accident attorney would agree to go to trial is if they cannot agree with one another. This could be the case if the defense attorney thinks the requested compensation is outrageous, or if the attorney simply cannot get the necessary approval from the insurance adjuster to give out that amount, for instance. On the other hand, the plaintiff’s attorney, the car accident lawyer, might think the defense is egregiously undervaluing the claim.

Either way, it is rare for an auto accident claim to reach a courtroom. But if you have a complicated case, or one that is asking for a great deal in compensation, a trial is always a possibility to be aware of.

You need to work with a Raleigh car accident lawyer who has the dedication and skill to pursue a successful negotiation, but if necessary, further has the proven experience to present your case in a trial. If you are a looking for a compassionate personal injury lawyer to take your car crash case, do not hesitate to call the Whitley Law Firm today!