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Americans File Thousands of Surgical Mesh Lawsuits

For years, women have undergone surgery to remedy serious medical conditions like pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The most effective form of treatment was thought to be the implementation of surgical mesh—which is a small piece of material that is implanted directly inside of the vagina—but it has quickly been decided that thousands of women would strongly disagree.

One woman in particular, S.H., had undergone this surgery in 2006. She had been suffering from a string of infections that left her fatigued and in constant pain, so it was suggested that she consider surgical mesh as a solution.

Just a few short years after completing the procedure, however, she was forced to undergo an additional surgery to remove the mesh. She is now one of the 6,000 women who have decided to file a federal lawsuit against the manufacturers of these transvaginal mesh products.

Similar stories have continued to surface in the news, as more and more victims have decided to come forward about the unjust pain that they have suffered. Some explain that they are now infertile or celibate, while others claim that they have suffered unhealed incisions and organ perforations—as the reported complications are vast and innumerable.

For this reason, thousands are outraged about the extent of the side-effects that they were never warned about by their doctors, the manufacturers or the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA had initially approved this defective medical device back in 2002, later explaining in 2008 that complications were rare.

Just a few years later, however, the agency issued an official statement about the risks that surgical mesh could pose to consumers—subsequently ordering the manufacturers of this product to conduct rigorous studies about the safety of the mesh. Several companies have since decided to cease production.

This has not stopped thousands of wrongfully injured patients from pursuing damages, however, as many of these lawsuits are soon to be underway. Many of the cases have been consolidated in West Virginia—which is the place where most of these claims originated—but thousands of others have been filed in state courts, as well.

It is believed that a substantial number of victims will be able to secure compensation, as a precedent for these particular cases has already been set by a woman in California who was awarded $5.5. million in her suit against C.R. Bard. For this reason, you should not hesitate to speak up if you have suffered complications from a surgical mesh product, as well.

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