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Working with Insurance When Your Vehicle Is Totaled

When your car, motorcycle, or bike has been damaged in an auto accident, you may be facing disputes with insurance adjusters. You may not be able to agree on the “actual cash value” of your car, and whether or not it is actually totaled. What is certain, however, is that you should not have to pay for someone else’s recklessness. Read on to understand a car accident claim when your car has been totaled.

First of all, the actual cash value of your car means evaluating how much your car is worth, that is, how much someone would pay for that kind of car. You should then get paid the market value of your car, but bear in mind that this might not actually cover the expenses to replace your car. The market value can be established by looking at what cars like yours are selling for right now in your location. You could probably start by looking at the Kelley Blue Book.

That evaluation is a good standard, but sometimes it is inaccurate. You may be able to show that the market value according to the Blue Book is too low if you can compare it to ads in the newspaper, etc. You can also outline special features in your car that could boost its value. Be sure to obtain written proof of the factors that could raise your car’s value.

What if your bicycle or motorcycle was totaled in an accident? Unfortunately, there is nothing like a Blue Book to get an idea of these vehicles’ market value. One of things you can give an insurance adjuster is a proof of original purchase, which is one indication of the vehicle’s value. This will also specify how old the property is (only items such as jewelry and antiques rise in value as time passes, however).

You will also want proof of the vehicle’s condition before the crash. Was it already battered, or was it in pristine condition? This will of course affect the market value. Next, you can collect newspaper ads, etc. to show what your kind of vehicle is selling for where you live. These same principles can apply to other items you may have lost in a crash, such as damaged property that was being carried in the vehicle (laptops, phones, cameras, etc.).

There are other factors that can bolster your claim, and there are other pieces of information you will want to provide an insurance company in order to help your case. Find out how better to deal with insurance when you contact a Raleigh car accident lawyer today. Protect yourself from insurance bad faith. Work with the Whitley Law Firm. We have more than 38 years of experience fighting for our clients’ best interests. Contact us today!