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When the time to retire arrives, you should have access to the social security funds you paid. However, the federal government does not offer these benefits freely, and if you are denied benefits, you may need to hire a Chapel Hill social security lawyer to help you prepare a case for an appeal.

Eligibility factors, such as income level and personal retire funds, can come into play during the application process. If you are ready to receive the social security benefits you worked so hard for, contact a distinguished personal injury attorney about your case.

Defining Social Security Benefits

Funded by payroll taxes, the federal social security program serves to provide workers with financial benefits as they age. To be eligible for benefits, individuals must have paid into the program for a minimum of ten years, and the amount the individual receives will largely depend on the amount they paid while working.

These are the general rules of social security, but it is possible for some individuals who have worked fewer than ten years to receive benefits. In the event that an individual who pays into the system dies, it is possible for their families to receive their benefits.

How Much Can Applicants Receive?

In modern times, many workers decide to retire later. This can be helpful from a monetary perspective since the longer a person works, the more benefits they will be entitled to. Individuals who are sick or injured and no longer able to work can also apply for benefits, as long as they have paid into the system. The process of receiving social security can be complex for injured workers, and if they are denied, they will more than likely need the aid of a Chapel Hill social security lawyer.

Applying for Benefits

Even though most Americans pay into the social security program, a significant number of applications are denied on a regular basis. By some estimates, up to one-half of first-time applicants will receive a denial letter in the mail. If this occurs, individuals have the right to file an appeal, and if the appeal is denied, they may request a hearing with the aid of a Chapel Hill social security lawyer. Applicants must request an appeal within 60 days of receiving a denial of benefits.

Common Reasons for Denials

It can also be helpful to understand the eligibility criteria of the Social Security Administration before applying for benefits. The issues can easily result in a denial of benefits:

  • The applicant earns an income that is greater than the maximum allowed
  • The amount of disability the claimant is eligible for will not last more than 12 months
  • The applicant did not submit the proper documents or complete the application
  • The applicant refused to follow the orders of their physician

Help from an Attorney

To file an appeal for benefit denial, applicants can visit the official website of the Social Security Administration and fill out the required forms. If this appeal is later denied, the applicant will need to request a hearing and hire a Chapel Hill social security lawyer to fight for them. If you are ready to fight for your benefits, an experienced and reputable Chapel Hill social security lawyer can work diligently to get your denial overturned.