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If you have suffered the death of a loved one because of the actions of another person, you have to navigate the difficulty of losing a family member. You should also know that you may be entitled to compensation that a distinguished personal injury attorney can help to obtain for you. Therefore, it is critical to speak with a Chapel Hill wrongful death lawyer before proceeding with your claim.

Common Wrongful Death Cases

The law recognizes a wrongful death when the actions or negligence of another person or even a corporation has caused the death. Some examples of wrongful death may include:

  • An automobile accident where the driving of another person caused the accident and someone died in this accident
  • The actions of a medical provider or hospital responsible for a loved one’s care results in their death
  • The intentional acts of another person, such as a physical altercation, or violence in the commission of a crime, where a loved one suffers death
  • A work injury where a bad procedure, ignoring safety precautions or faulty equipment causes the death
  • The actions of the police, sheriff, or Federal law enforcement officers violate a loved one’s legal protections and result in their death

Compensation in Wrongful Death Casesa

Chapel Hill law for death by a wrongful act of another, states that people can recover money for the expenses for care, treatment, and hospitalization for injury resulting in death. Damages can be paid for the pain and suffering experienced by a loved one prior to their death and the income their loved one has lost. Meaning, the individual or family pursuing the case can obtain damages for what the lost individual would have earned over their working life.

Families can also be paid for the loss of companionship, comfort and care their loved one would have provided over their lifetime. If the person or corporation that caused the wrongful death engaged in conduct so bad that they need to be punished financially, the family can recover punitive damages. It is important to contact a Chapel Hill wrongful death lawyer to pursue a claim for damages.

Benefit of an Attorney

Chapel Hill wrongful death lawyers are familiar with the ways to present a claim and recover the maximum amount of money someone is owed for their loss. Lawyers can take immediate action to strengthen someone’s case.

Because wrongful death law is a serious area of the law, steps must be taken as soon as lawyers are hired, which include:

  • Preserve evidence that will disappear unless documented as soon as the death occurs
  • Photograph the facts of the case, such as the location of the automobile accident, the condition of the work premises, or the scene of the crime
  • Interview critical witnesses before they forget or lose interest in helping, about what they saw and what facts can help the case
  • Put all parties on notice that a wrongful death lawyer has been hired, so that they do not bother the plaintiff, or try to obtain statements from them that may harm their case

Wrongful death cases can result in large claims and settlements, but the legal process to present a wrongful death claim is complicated, and all steps must be followed to have the best result. Chapel Hill wrongful death lawyers can advise you on how to pursue your case before it is too late, to present your strongest case for compensation.