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Each year, the Social Security Administration issues billions of dollars in benefits to disabled individuals who qualify for the SSDI program. These benefits are usually dispersed monthly, and the amount a person receives will depend on a variety of factors.

While there is an availability of funds, many injured workers do not know how to apply or qualify for SSDI benefits. Individuals may not know their chances of having their initial claim approved.

Countless New Bern SSDI claims are denied on a regular basis, and even individuals with qualifying medical conditions and sufficient medical documentation are often denied. Applying for SSDI is a multi-step process that often requires legal intervention from an experienced SSDI attorney. Call today to learn about you a lawyer could help you.

Why Are Claims Denied?

It is important to understand that not just any individual will automatically receive SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration denies countless claims each year for various reasons. New Bern SSDI claims are often denied if a claimant:

  • Earns too much income
  • Suffers from temporary disability or a disability that is not severe enough
  • Fails to follow prescribed medical treatment
  • Suffers from a disability related to alcohol or drug use
  • Failed to submit sufficient documentation

While applying for SSDI benefits, claimants must follow their prescribed medical treatment and attend regular appointments with a physician.

This requirement does not apply to individuals suffering from severe mental illnesses that prevent them from complying with medical orders. It also does not apply to individuals who cannot seek certain types of medical care due to their religious beliefs.

Supporting an SSDI Claim

During the application process, claimants will need to provide proof of their disability or injury to the government. This may involve submitting medical documents pertaining to physical examinations, blood work, laboratory tests, medication records, and anything else that supports the claim. Ideally, the more information a person submits, the higher their chances of approval will be.

Claimants are also recommended submit medical documents referencing their injury or illness from as far back as possible. Even after submitting relevant medical documentation, the Social Security Administration may still require applicants to obtain a physical or mental examination from a contracting physician. While this is required for SSDI claims in New Bern, it is still immensely helpful to submit detailed medical records from a treating physician.

How an Attorney Could Help

Filing for SSDI benefits alone could be a confusing and frustrating process. The overwhelming majority of initial claims are denied by the government, and many people spend up to two years convincing the federal government to give them the benefits they worked so hard for. While a claimant in New Bern does have the right to appeal an SSDI claims denial, successfully doing so typically requires the help of an attorney.

An experienced SSDI attorney could provide individuals with inside knowledge of the SSDI application process and advocate for them during hearings. Federal law also prevents lawyers from charging more than 25 percent of the disability backpay of a person. While most lawyers may not charge an upfront fee, and for most claimants, there could be little to no cost unless their attorney is successful.

Call a Lawyer With New Bern SSDI Claims Experience

If you are like most, the prospect of applying for SSDI benefits may seem overwhelming. As stated above, there are numerous steps, and often, initial applications result in denials. By hiring an attorney, you could greatly increase your chances of approval. Call a lawyer with experience handling New Bern SSDI claims today to get started.