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Most Americans depend on their job to generate income and provide a comfortable life for their loved ones. The ability to earn income is not always guaranteed, and when a person sustains an injury that prevents them from working, they may need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits are typically available for taxpaying American citizens who are unable to work long-term due to a qualifying physical or mental disability.

Despite their availability, these benefits could be difficult to obtain. Qualifying for social security disability in New Bern could involve submitting countless forms and waiting long periods of time. Reach out to an experienced SSDI attorney to learn more.

Qualifying Injuries and Illnesses

Not all injuries and illnesses will be considered disabling by the government. Many are not covered by the SSDI program, and before a person starts the application process, they must find out if their disability meets government standards. To be considered permanently disabled, a person must be unable to perform any type of work activity for a period of a minimum of 12 months.

If a person is capable of working other similar jobs while injured, they may be denied benefits. If a person who works as a cashier sustains an injury that prevents them from standing, they may be denied benefits if they could find a job that allows them to sit down while performing their cashiering duties. The Social Security Administration regularly publishes lists of qualifying disabilities and medical conditions for citizens to view.

Submitting Medical Evidence in New Bern

Applicants could greatly increase their chances of being qualifying for New Bern social security disability benefits by submitting relevant medical evidence with their applications. The Social Security Administration accepts numerous forms of medical evidence from licensed practitioners, and submitting evidence in a timely manner could greatly improve the likelihood of approval.

Applicants could be encouraged to submit the following forms of evidence for review:

  • Physical examinations and notes from physicians
  • Imaging studies (MRIs, X-rays, CAT scans)
  • Bloodwork panels
  • Mental health records
  • Medical bills

Applicants are recommended to submit any official documents that bolster their disability claims. They are also recommended to submit medical documents dating back as far as possible, and those that contain the most detailed information about their illness or injury.

In many cases, the Social Security Administration may require applicants to receive a physical examination from a contracting physician. While these required visits could be helpful, detailed information from a treating physician could be more helpful when it comes to approval.

When to Consult an Attorney

Qualifying for social security disability in New Bern can be difficult. A significant number of applicants are denied the first time and it can often take up to two years to obtain benefits. Even those who submit an adequate amount of medical evidence could be denied.

However, by working with an attorney, applicants could speed up the approval process by filing a successful appeal. Lawyers with SSDI experience could also be capable of advocating on behalf of an applicant and providing useful legal advice.

Contact a New Bern Lawyer for Help With Qualifying for Social Security Disability

If you are having difficulty qualifying for social security disability in New Bern, you are probably frustrated and confused. You may even be on the verge of giving up and going back to work. While these feelings are understandable, you must take legal action and defend your right to the benefits you paid for during your working years. Contact a social security disability lawyer to discuss your case today.