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The North Carolina Crash Report Form DMV-349 Section 28 describes which, if any, airbags were deployed at the time of the accident. Section 29 refers to the status of the airbag switch at the time of the crash. This is known as the Raleigh airbag deployed crash report. If you were in an accident and are trying to understand your airbag deployed crash report – section 28 and 29, a skilled, local car accident lawyer can explain what this section means and how it affects liability.

 Air Bag Deployed (Section 28)

Section 28 refers to whether the airbag was deployed. It contains a list of numbers that explain which, if any, airbags were deployed. This list is below:

  • No Air Bag(s)
  • Not deployed
  • Deployed front
  • Deployed side
  • Deployed both front and side
  • Unknown

 Air Bag Switch Status (Section 29)

Section 29 refers to whether the airbag had a switch and whether it was turned on or off. It contains the list of options below:

  • No ON-OFF switch
  • Switch in ON position
  • Switch in OFF position
  • Unknown if switch present
  • Unknown pos. in vehicle

Ensuring Air Bags Are Used Safely

It is true that airbags in automobiles have helped drivers and passengers during accidents and have saved thousands of lives. However, improper usage of airbags can lead to injury and even death.

For airbags to be a safeguard, it is essential that everyone in the vehicle is seated appropriately and wearing seatbelts the right way. Passengers and the driver should sit straight up with both feet on the ground and ensure that the shoulder belt and the lap belt are securely fastened in place. According to safety experts, it is also not safe for passengers and drivers to sit too close to the dashboard while the airbags are being deployed.

Though there are clear safety benefits of airbags, they are considered to be a controversial technology. People are injured by airbags that deploy in low-impact collisions. Also, there are a decent number of claims that airbags do not always launch when they should. In a high-impact collision where the airbag did not inflate properly or at all, accidents have a greater potential to be fatal. However, in general, airbags do more good than harm. By seating children in the back seat and wearing a seat belt, individuals are giving the airbags a chance to do their job and to come through when they need them too. That is why Raleigh airbag deployed crash reports can be instrumental when attempting to establish the at-fault driver’s liability.

Contacting a Raleigh Car Wreck Attorney for Help

If you have suffered injuries in a car crash, get in touch with a hard-working North Carolina car accident attorney who can help you understand the Raleigh airbag deployed crash report. They can investigate the precise causes of the crash, build a case for you, and use all legal means to protect your rights.