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Liability in a North Carolina car crash may be determined, fully or in part, based on the road surface condition. You should consult a committed car accident attorney who could carefully investigate and analyze the cause of the accident and collect evidence to protect your legal rights.

If possible, start building a case right after the accident. If you have any questions about the Raleigh road surface condition crash report – section 3, contact an attorney who could look at the crash report and help you thoroughly understand the facts of your case.

What Does the Phrase Road Surface Condition Mean?

Section 3 of the North Carolina Crash Report Form DMV-349 refers to the “Road Surface Condition” at the time of the accident. This section lists the following options:

  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Water (standing, moving)
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Slush
  • Sand, mud, dirt, gravel
  • Fuel, oil
  • Other*
  • Unknown

Stay Alert to Bad Road Surface Conditions

It is important for drivers to be wary of possible hazards when traversing through areas where road conditions are not good. It is true that certain accidents are unavoidable. However, many accidents can be prevented by educating motorists about the kind of adverse road conditions that can occur.

While driving in difficult or wet conditions, it is important to stay safe by maintaining a reasonable speed and a safe distance from others on the road. Doing this gives the driver enough room to react if necessary.

Further, while braking on slippery roads or during winter conditions, it is also necessary to maintain longer distances between vehicles as not even the best winter tires will ensure enough traction to avoid an accident.

Maintaining Traction in Inclement Weather

Traction does not diminish on its own even in adverse weather. It is the driver’s actions that cause loss of traction. Some tips to help avoid losing traction are:

  • Do not jerk the steering wheel or make sudden movements
  • Prevent locking up the brakes
  • Accelerate in such a way as to avoid spinning the tires
  • Do not drive into puddles, water-filled road grooves, or snow banks at a high speed
  • Keep the vehicle at a moderate speed when negotiating curves to prevent it from sliding sideways

It is also not recommended to overtake cars when there are poor road conditions. The closer the temperature is to freezing point, the more slippery the roads will be. A North Carolina car accident attorney can further explain the effect road surface conditions will have on a claim.

Consulting a Raleigh Car Accident Attorney About Road Surface Condition Crash Reports

Speak to a North Carolina car crash lawyer if you have suffered an injury in an accident on a bad road surface. Road conditions may affect liability, making the Raleigh road surface condition crash report – section 3 especially important to understand. Call today to set up a free consultation so that you can fully understand your crash report.