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Car accidents between regular passenger vehicles can be stressful, causing damage to the vehicles involved and serious injuries to the victims. Accidents involving dump trucks can be even more catastrophic. Because of their size, dump trucks can wreak havoc on smaller vehicles, leaving permanent damage and changing the lives of the people involved.

If you were in a dump truck crash, a Raleigh dump truck accident lawyer could help. Call today to set up a free consultation with a compassionate truck accident attorney who could keep your needs in mind. Even if you feel unsure about the viability of your case, a conversation with an attorney could help you determine what damages you could recover.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents in Raleigh

Like other motorists, dump truck drivers must cope with bad weather, traffic, and road hazards. Unlike other drivers, though, dump truck drivers have thousands of pounds of weight behind them. Like other oversized vehicles, dump trucks struggle to stop suddenly. This means dump trucks frequently find themselves involved in serious accidents.

Reversing is a challenge for dump truck drivers, and accidents involving such vehicles frequently begin while the truck was backing up. Large vehicles have large blind spots, making it incredibly difficult to spot cars driving or parked nearby. Visibility is also a common problem for drivers of such vehicles.

When heavy cargo becomes unbalanced, dump trucks can easily tip over or rollover. These accidents often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. When a dump truck rolls over, it can even trap other drivers.

Recoverable Compensation

In many cases, there may be one or more party liable for damage in an accident. The driver of the truck may be the first person thought of when seeking legal action, but the employer of the truck driver may also be responsible. Even the owner of the dump truck, the manufacturer of the truck, or the third-party maintenance company can be liable if their actions led to the accident.

Victims may collect compensation after a dump truck accident. Though every case is different, victims frequently receive settlements to cover the costs associated with their crash, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Punitive damages

Because every case is so different, it is impossible to know how much a settlement could be worth. Talking with a Raleigh dump truck accident lawyer may clarify how much a case could pay out.

Consulting a Raleigh Dump Truck Accident Attorney

If you were in a dump truck wreck and recovering from your injuries, a Raleigh dump truck accident lawyer could help. Depending upon the circumstances that lead to your wreck you could receive compensation for your bills and pain. A lawyer could handle negotiations with the insurance companies and other parties involved in the wreck.

Call today to set up a free consultation with an attorney who could offer insight into your case. Whether you believe your case is viable or not, you could benefit from a conversation with a knowledgeable attorney.