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Though most people do not give them much thought, garbage trucks and the people who drive them play an important role in society. Without them, streets would overflow with trash leaving our world much less sanitary. Of course, garbage truck drivers are humans prone to accidents. Even the most highly-trained and experienced truck drivers can find themselves in a collision.

If you were in a garbage truck accident and injured, a Raleigh garbage truck accidents lawyer could help. One quick phone call with a dedicated accident attorney could begin your quest for justice in the wake of an accident involving a garbage truck.

What Causes Raleigh Garbage Truck Accidents?

Like any other motorist, garbage truck drivers must cope with several kinds of road hazards. Bad weather, traffic, and reckless drivers all pose accident risks for garbage truck drivers. The difference in a collision involving a garbage truck, however, can be stark. Because garbage trucks are oversized and weigh more than the average car on the road, damage done in accidents can be severe.

Falling objects are also a common cause of garbage truck accidents. When these oversized trucks do not manage their waste properly, items can fall out onto unsuspecting motorists. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are also in danger of objects falling from garbage trucks.

Like all vehicles, garbage trucks require regular maintenance and repairs. A lack of proper maintenance can have dire results. In some cases, the company that produces the truck even turn out defective vehicles that cause serious accidents.

Injuries Associated with Garbage Truck Accidents

There are a wide variety of injuries associated with garbage truck accidents. Just a few include:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Eye and ear injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Paralysis and permanent disability
  • Broken bones, including fractured skulls
  • Burns

Virtually any injury commonly associated with car accidents can also stem from garbage truck accidents.

Thankfully, North Carolina state laws allows victims injured in such accidents to pursue legal action against the person or company responsible for the crash. Victims may receive compensation for their damages, including medical bills, wages lost out on while recovering, pain and suffering, and punitive damages for especially reckless accidents.

Speak with a Raleigh Garbage Truck Accidents Attorney Today

After an accident, you may feel confused, hurt, and scared of what the future has in store. Thankfully, a Raleigh garbage truck accidents lawyer could help. If injured in a garbage truck accident, a knowledgeable attorney could provide the legal representation you need to seek justice.

Garbage truck accidents often involve vehicles owned and operated by the local government. When this is the case, victims are subject to stricter statutes of limitations and more red tape to deal with. An attorney could ensure you meet all the necessary deadlines for your case. They could also help you and your family seek the compensation you rightly deserve after a garbage truck accident. Call today to set up your free consultation.