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One of the most dangerous situations that a driver can face is being behind a large truck as it begins to lose control. These situations can cause the truck to jackknife and occasionally to roll over. It is especially dangerous to cars that are directly behind the truck as a truck sliding on its side can take up the entirety of the road leaving the trailing cars with no means of escape.

While a truck can sometimes jackknife due to slippery road conditions, many times these accidents are completely avoidable and are caused by the driver’s negligence. A Winston-Salem jackknife truck accident lawyer is here to help people injured in these accidents. If you have been injured in a jackknife tractor-trailer incident, speak to a capable accident attorney who can fight for the fair compensation that you deserve.

Why Do Trucks Jackknife?

A jackknifing truck is one of the classic examples of a catastrophic failure of the driver to retain control of the vehicle. Tractor trailers, even empty ones, weigh tens of thousands of pounds and require great skill to operate correctly.

All of the power and steering mechanisms are located at the front of the vehicle and the trailer merely follows the cab. Jackknifing, therefore, occurs when the driver is forced to suddenly slam on the brakes. The front tires come to a halt, but the trailer is carrying too much momentum to stop properly.

All of this mass needs to go somewhere and more often than not, it slides off to the side. This sudden change in the center of mass of the vehicle can cause the entire truck to slide to the side, and possibly even flip over.

When is a Jackknife the Result of Negligent Driving?

There are situations where a jackknife situation is nearly unavoidable. Sudden accidents in front of a truck driver may force a need to suddenly stop. However, most of the time, if the truck is being driven safely and within the speed limit, a jackknife can be avoided even under the worst situations.

These sort of accidents most commonly occur when the driver either panics in an emergency situation, or is traveling so fast that they cannot properly react to a need to come to a stop. Either way, the trucker may be negligent if the jackknifing truck collides with other cars. Negligence is a legal cause of action that allows injured people to hold at-fault drivers legally liable for their damages. In short, the law places a legal responsibility on some people to care for the well-being of others.

All truck drivers have a responsibility to drive in a manner that does not place other motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians in any unnecessary danger. If a trucker panics during a need to stop, or is driving so quickly that a stop causes a jackknife accident, it can fairly be argued that their operation of the vehicle placed other people in unnecessary danger. Accordingly, the plaintiff and their Winston-Salem jackknife truck accident lawyer will argue that the defendant trucker’s driving was negligent and caused their injuries.

How a Winston-Salem Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Being involved in a tractor-trailer accident that involves a jackknife situation can be intimidating. Many times, the trucker is injured as well; however, this does not mean that the trucker is not still at-fault in the accident.

Additionally, people injured in jackknife accidents are especially at risk for catastrophic injuries due to the suddenness and unavoidable nature of the accidents. Defendants’ insurance companies may attempt to argue that the jackknife was an act of god that was unavoidable.

However, Winston-Salem jackknife truck accident attorneys know better. They can understand that the reason for these accidents is most often driver error. Using this knowledge, your attorney can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf from a position of strength. Contact a lawyer to see how you can work together to pursue the at-fault parties, and hold them responsible.