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Complications from Physiomesh Hernia Patches

Although roughly half a million people a year undergo hernia repair surgery, there have been a significant number of cases that have resulted in complications in the last 12 years. A hernia is often repaired using a mesh to support weak muscles that have allowed organs or tissues to protrude. When complications arise from the use of mesh, a patient can experience excruciating pain and infections which, left untreated, can have severe consequences.

One hernia patch, called the Physiomesh, was manufactured with the purpose of naturally absorbing into the patient’s abdominal wall to prevent the inflammation and adhesions seen in other hernia meshes. It uses plastic fibers between two polymer layers to act as a barrier from internal organs.

Johnson & Johnson is currently under fire because their subsidiary, Ethicon, is responsible for manufacturing malfunctioning Physiomesh hernia patches. In May 2016, Ethicon recalled all of their Physiomesh products because of their high rate of failure. While recalling the product will prevent new patients from developing issues, patients who have already received the implants are still at risk.

The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary was able to bypass clinical trials for their Physiomesh hernia patch on the grounds that their product was similar to other products already on the market. This has resulted in the manufacture of faulty hernia meshes in the past 12 years. Many patients who received the defective product have taken legal action through firms such as Whitley Law Firm to pursue damages for pain and suffering and other expenses.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications with a Physiomesh hernia patch implant in the last 12 years, do not hesitate to reach out to the compassionate attorneys at Whitley Law Firm. We are taking individual cases and have the resources necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve.