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Paragard IUD at the Heart of New Lawsuits 

Paragard is a copper intrauterine device, also known as an IUD, that many women use to act as a long-term birth control method. However, in recent years, this specific IUD has been connected with serious injuries and health complications that a patient may not have been made aware of when they opted for this method of birth control.

Patients who have used this device have reported serious health issues and complications due to things like the IUD migrating from its original position, the IUD broke apart inside of them, or there were complications associated with the removal of the damaged device.

This has led many to file a lawsuit against Teva Pharmaceuticals, the IUD manufacturer, claiming that the company did not warn them about the risk associated with using the IUD. Many patients have started to work with a knowledgeable product liability attorney to ensure that they hold the manufacturer responsible for their negligence. With many of these lawsuits being filed in states across the country, many women are interested in learning more about the issues stemming from the Paragard IUD and what steps they should take towards their justice.

What is a Paragard IUD?

Like many intrauterine devices, the Paragard IUD is shaped like a ‘T’. This specific IUD is wrapped in copper wire that changes the lining of the uterus to make it difficult or impossible for a fertilized egg to stick to the lining of the uterus. Paragard IUD does not have hormones and instead relies upon the copper wire to prevent pregnancy. In most situations, this device is implanted by a healthcare provider during an office visit and does not require invasive surgery or serious medical care.

The Paragard IUD was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, in 1984 for use up to four continuous years. Then, in 1994 the device was approved by the FDA to be used to up to 10 years without needing to be removed or replaced. Currently, it is still approved for women to use despite the hundreds of complaints about its safety.

Issues with the Paragard IUD

Since 2010, the FDA has received more than 1,600 adverse event reports from healthcare providers detailing issues or complications related to the Paragard IUD. Many of these reports detail the IUD breaking apart inside of a patient, but some reports detail even more gruesome complications such as parts of the IUD being found embedded in uterine tissue, found in parts of the patients arm, and the device missing part of its copper coil upon removal. Many of these reports say that complications occurred far before the devices 10-year recommended lifespan.

Women who have had the Paragard IUD implanted in them may not have been made aware of the issues or complications stemming from the use of this particular IUD. Many of the lawsuits currently against the Paragard IUD manufacturer detail injuries like ectopic pregnancies, the IUD being embedded in the uterus, scarring and damage to other organs, and serious long-term infertility or even death. With the wide range of serious and life-threatening complications from this IUD, many women and their families are pursuing legal action against the manufacturer who may not have made these complications apparent to users of the IUD.

Contact an Attorney Today

Unfortunately, the negligence from Teva Pharmaceuticals with the Paragard IUD may have seriously impacted the lives of many who used the long-term birth control. These patients may not have been made properly aware of the serious issues that could arise with the use of the IUD, and if they had been, they may have chosen another birth control option and circumvented many painful and life-threatening complications from this medical device.

If you or someone you know has experienced complications after the implanting of a Paragard IUD, you may benefit from reaching out to our experienced and dedicated legal counsel. At the Whitley Law Firm, we have years of experience dealing with negligent pharmaceutical companies who may have withheld important information from their patients. We understand the frustration, stress, and difficulties that can come with this abuse of trust and our team of legal advocates could work with you throughout your case to pursue the justice and compensation you may be owed. Contact our firm today to learn more about starting your case.