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A T-bone car accident occurs when a vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. This type of side impact collision is extremely dangerous because the point of impact is at a door where there is the least protection. These types of crashes can result in serious injuries and even death. If you have been in a T-bone car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation, with the help of a skilled car accident attorney. A Greensboro side impact collision lawyer can protect your rights during your case.

Common Causes Accidents

The main cause of these collisions, also called a “right angle” crash, is an error committed by one, or perhaps both, drivers involved.

The most common driver mistakes are aggressive driving, failing to yield the right of way or obeying traffic signs or lights, speeding, driver distraction or impairment, and traffic lights that are not functioning.

Following a Crash

If someone is in a side impact collision in Greensboro, they should be mindful that legal action will likely result, so what they do and say could damage their case. In order to preserve their case an indiviudal should consult with a Greensboro side impact collision attorney and refrain from:

  • Try to move injured people unless a threat, such as the possibility of an explosion, exists
  • Leave the scene of the wreck. Hit-and-run is a serious criminal offense and leaving could be shown to be a consciousness of guilt, which would be used against them in court
  • Take any blame for the crash, even if the other party insists they are at fault
  • Become angry or hostile. When tempers flare, they may do something in the heat of the moment they will regret later
  • Talk to others about the wreck, except for their own insurance company and their attorney
  • Resist having police investigate the crash. They will need an unbiased account of the event to help their case with insurance companies and a lawsuit
  • Refuse to provide their driver’s license to police or to the other party involved
  • Try to prevent others from taking photographs before the vehicles are moved (but it is a good idea to take pictures of their vehicle to use as evidence)
  • Lie to their insurance company, which would lead to other trouble such as giving the insurer a reason to refuse to honor their claim

In Case of Injury

Someone may be healed by the time their case gets to court, so they must prove their injuries by providing copies of all the treatments and medicines provided to them during their recovery. Proving pain and suffering can be difficult to prove, and juries are suspicious of such claims.

A Greensboro side impact collision lawyer would recommend the best way to address this. It would be best to keep a record, such as a journal detailing time missed from work, loss of income, things they can no longer do, and how the wreck affected their ability to provide aid and comfort to their family.

Working with a Greensboro Side Impact Collision Attorney

If you sustained serious injuries, or if you are cited for causing the crash, it is in your best interest to promptly hire a T-bone accident lawyer in Greensboro to represent you. An experienced attorney can develop your case by deposing the other party and witnesses, gathering evidence to support your position.

Your lawyer will also negotiate an amount of compensation with insurance companies that is satisfactory to you, so do not rush to enter into an early settlement offer. Contact an experienced Greensboro side impact collision lawyer to assess the strength of your case.