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There are a number of common pedestrian accidents in Greenville. The liability of these can be with either the driver, the pedestrian, or another party if applicable. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, contact a Greenville pedestrian accident lawyer right away to see if you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Common Scenarios

Accidents at street crossings are usually unique to pedestrian accidents. For example, whether the pedestrian can be considered contributory negligence could hinge on whether they were crossing in a designated zone.

Pedestrians at a crosswalk must be attentive to light signals that pedestrians must be aware of lights signaling when it is safe to walk.  Failure to obey crosswalk signals can constitute contributory negligence in a future claim.

Drivers backing up may not be able to see a pedestrian, which may result in an accident, so both drivers and pedestrians must be alert in parking lots.

Cars exiting parking lot accidents often occur in shopping centers, so pedestrians and drivers must be vigilant in these situations.

Pedestrians must be very aware when walking on streets with no sidewalks and follow the proper law as it pertains to which direction that they need to be walking in. There is an increased risk for injury when pedestrians assume the risk of taking to the streets without a designated sidewalk.

Drivers at times make the mistake of turning right on red when pedestrians have a signal to walk. Drivers must be particularly aware of nearby pedestrians when turning at intersections.

Sometimes a car has a signal to turn left when a pedestrian is attempting to cross, so the pedestrian must also watch the light signals and the cars as they cross the intersection.

Any type of commercial vehicle is large and can lead to significant injuries if there is a collision with the pedestrian. The pedestrian has the duty to be vigilant in situations such as bus stops and other areas where commercial vehicles may operate so they can prevent an accident.

Pedestrians must be aware that the vehicles at stop signs may not actually see them and to try to make eye contact with the driver so they can ensure it is safe to cross.

Vulnerable Parties

Teens are particularly vulnerable to distractions involving telephones use, texting, or otherwise not devoting their full attention to the road.

If an elderly citizen suffering from ailments such as Alzheimer s or dementia gets away from their supervised nursing healthcare units, they can be particularly susceptible to accidents.

Tourists in the road are often less attentive to traffic than residents are, and this can be particularly true for children, increasing the frequency of tourist related pedestrian accidents in Greenville.


Pedestrian accidents involving children are fairly common, particularly in situations a child runs into the road to retrieve a toy.  Children, particularly if unsupervised, may not know of the particular dangers related to traffic and are more susceptible to these accidents.

When a child is injured, the pedestrian accident attorney in Greenville often has to examine what type of supervision the child had in considering whether contributory negligence is a factor. Very young children are not capable of contributory negligence, while older children could be contributorily negligent.