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Should you be involved in a pedestrian accident case, a Greenville pedestrian accident lawyer can apprise you of safety measures to avoid future accidents. Such an attorney will also work to ensure that your rights are protected when adversely interested third parties, such as the other party or parties’ insurance companies, try to sway the outcome of your claim and limit your recovery.

Recommended Precautions

In order to prevent future accidents, one of the most important safety measures both drivers and pedestrians can take is being more attentive in any type of crosswalk situation. In the case of pedestrians specifically, an added measure would be to avoid crossing major roads or highways without a crosswalk.

Walking at night requires a higher level of vigilance. Anyone doing so should always wear bright clothes or reflective gear.

As in every community, there are runners who are focused on their health, and certainly there is always a concern to be careful in that type of activity. A lawyer would encourage any runners in Greenville to look up local parks or recreations centers that may have information about designated running paths that are protected for runners.

As always, and in case of any kind of accident, it is recommended that individuals carry on them at all times both their identification and health insurance information.

Impact on a Case

In personal injury claims in North Carolina, especially in Greenville, contributory negligence is a defense that a driver or their insurance company may use to argue that the pedestrian should not recover for any of their damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Contributory negligence can be argued if the defense can prove that the pedestrian or plaintiff in question contributed to the accident in some way, even 1%.

Potential Injuries

Both pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents alike can lead to very serious injuries, particularly head injuries. Bicyclists’ injuries can sometimes be mitigated by wearing a helmet. However, those to a pedestrian can be much more severe as there is not often a scenario where one happens to be wearing protective head gear.

The forces of impact of a vehicle with a pedestrian who has no other protection can lead to other painful results, such as broken bones. Broken bone injuries tend to be relatively common and serious in pedestrian accident cases due to the nature of the non-protection of the pedestrian.

Broken bones can also lead to permanent or long term injury, which can affect the ability to work, lift heavy objects, walk, or otherwise have a good quality of life.

Physical pain can lead to many issues, including depression and mental health issues, in addition to obvious ongoing physical pain.

How A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

The most important aspect in any type of injury claim is to seek immediate medical attention. Beyond that, another enormously important step is to get in touch with an attorney. A qualified pedestrian accident lawyer with years of local experience will be well equipped to handle the details of your case, working with all parties involved to achieve the best possible resolution for you.