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The proton pump inhibitor drug Nexium has been linked with dangerous health conditions like severe kidney damage and acute intestinal renal failure, which is a chronic inflammation of the kidneys. It has also been associated with dementia and bone fractures. If you or a loved one suffered due to the adverse side effects of Nexium, reach out to a dedicated attorney. A lawyer knowledgeable about the Nexium dangers could fight for your right to compensation.

Studies About Nexium and its Dangers

Several studies are detailing the dangers that users of Nexium may face due to the drug’s side effects. A Japanese researcher recently found that out of 399 end-stage kidney failure patients, 243 were using a proton pump inhibitor, such as Nexium. More than half of the patients that were using Nexium or something similar had kidney damage. The magnesium levels of those patients were significantly lower than the magnesium levels of the ones who had not taken Nexium and the like.

Some German studies have also shown a link between Nexium and dementia in older patients. The most significant issue that was discovered, however, is the relationship between Nexium and kidney failure.

Importance of Studies in a Civil Claim

The presence of such studies is vital to a successful Nexium defective product claim. When a drug is first approved, only a couple of years of scientific clinical testing has been going on. With a drug like Nexium that has been on the market for almost 20 years, there is now a much bigger sample size of people to look at and see what side effects they may be experiencing.

An experienced dangerous drug lawyer could work to present research studies about the dangers of Nexium.

Stopping Nexium

There are dangers to suddenly stopping the use of Nexium. If someone has been taking Nexium for any period of time, it is always prudent to talk to their doctor and weigh the risks and benefits of ceasing treatment.

Nexium treats heartburn, which is uncomfortable, but not a life-threatening condition. As a result, ceasing consumption of Nexium is less risky than stoping certain other treatments. Keeping that in mind, it is still a great idea to talk to a doctor if a person has been on it for any discernible length of time but is now considering stopping.

Possible Lifestyle Changes

Anyone interested in stopping their intake of Nexium may consider making certain lifestyle changes to avoid the symptoms of heartburn. Lifestyle changes that could help mitigate the conditions that Nexium is meant to treat include recognizing what is causing the heartburn and modifying their diet accordingly. Always speak with a doctor before making significant changes to a drug regimen or diet.

Contact an Experienced Attorney About the Dangers of Nexium

Pharmaceutical manufacturers like AstraZeneca, the maker of Nexium, have a legal obligation to produce drugs that are reasonably safe and work as intended. Even if a drug is FDA approved, a drug manufacturer may be found legally negligent.

If you or a loved one has experienced a severe injury such as acute intestinal renal failure as a result of taking Nexium, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced lawyer could work to hold drug manufacturers accountable for your hardship. Reach out to an attorney who understands the Nexium dangers today.