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Talcum powder cases are part of a mass torts lawsuit, involving many parties. These cases run somewhat differently from typical injury cases, and so it is important for anyone making a Talcum Powder claim to consult with a talcum powder lawyer, and to familiarize themselves, as best as possible, with the case process.

Recently, Johnson & Johnson has discontinued selling all talc-based products in the U.S. and Canada, potentially leaving grounds for victims to file an injury claim for damages sustained as a result of using their talcum powder and other talc-based products. To learn more, feel free to schedule a consultation today.

Length of a Talcum Powder Case

A case involving talcum powder usually takes several months to determine whether or not it is a case that can be pursued, so the investigation period should take a few months. At that point, it should be possible to know whether or not the case can be the basis for filing a lawsuit and pursuing further.

However, it is not really possible to give an exact time frame or timeline for the ultimate resolution of talcum powder lawsuits, because they deal with a huge corporation, Johnson & Johnson, that has a vested interest in this product that has been on shelves for years, has been a major source of income for the company, and now is being linked to a very deadly form of cancer.

They will in all likelihood fight back pretty hard on it. It is quite difficult to say when these cases may resolve.

Preparing a Case for Trial

Slow and steady wins the race. It is going to be a long process with setbacks. It is important to be prepared for these setbacks as well as for the victories. A team of attorneys will be working diligently and consistently on the case to represent their client’s interests.

The client can prepare themselves by having an expectation that the case might take a while, but also knowing that their attorneys are fighting for them against a major corporation.

Challenges that may Arise

One of the challenges of taking on a talcum powder injury case is not knowing with any degree of certainty how long the case might take or what the timeframe is. Another challenge, and this could be a challenge for some or a benefit for others, is that when people are dealing with a large number of cases that are being filed it is probably not as likely that an individual case will go to trial. It is always a possibility when someone files a lawsuit that their case would be selected for trial, but when someone is filing their lawsuit and there are several hundred other claimants, it may be that their case does not proceed to a trial and may ultimately resolve before it has to go to a trial.

Those are a few things to expect. Talcum powder lawyers will be there to help any time a client has questions about the status of their case, the investigation, or whether they have received the requested pathology slides.

When people are dealing with cases like this where there is a mass harm—sometimes referred to as mass torts—good news in other cases is good news for every other individual’s case. A verdict favorable for the plaintiffs in one case is good for every other plaintiff out there.

A ruling that an expert in one case is allowed to testify is good for the plaintiff and that is good for every other plaintiff who has filed a lawsuit in the talcum powder litigation.

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