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Suffering a paralysis injury could prove to be costly. The physical costs are obvious, as any diminished motor skills or senses represent a major challenge. The emotional costs can also be significant. Depression is commonplace following paralysis injuries. Finally, the financial costs stemming from these injuries can be overwhelming. These costs include both medical treatment as well as expenses related to lifestyle changes.

While treating these injuries is often costly, a Rocky Mount paralysis injury lawyer could help you defray those costs. If another person is responsible for your paralysis, a skilled personal injury attorney could evaluate your claim before helping you bring a civil action.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis can impact every part of the body. This condition often occurs due to genetic issues or other causes, but injuries are one of the most common factors. When a person in Rocky Mount suffers a paralysis injury, their choice of an attorney could dramatically impact their chances of recovering compensation. Their attorney should be aware of the types of paralysis injuries, as well as how they occur.


One of the least common forms of paralysis is known as monoplegia. This form of paralysis only impacts a single limb and most often results from cerebral palsy. It can occur due to injuries that involve damaged or pinched nerves in the affected limb.


Hemiplegia is another uncommon form of paralysis typically caused by genetic issues. This type of paralysis impacts the arm and leg on one side of the body or another.


Paraplegia is far more common and is likely to result from an injury to the spine. Paraplegia often stems an injury to the back, leaving a person unable to feel or use the lower half of their body.


The most devastating form of paralysis is quadriplegia. Typically related to head or neck injuries, quadriplegia impacts the use of the body from the neck down. While some treatments are occasionally successful, these injuries are typically permanent.

Compensation for a Paralysis Claim

The cost of medical treatment for a paralysis injury can be extreme. In addition to treatment immediately following an accident, a person could also require ongoing care for the rest of their life. Thankfully, when another person is responsible for these injuries, a plaintiff could seek to hold them financially responsible. A Rocky Mount paralysis injury lawyer could help a victim obtain compensation for a variety of losses, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Diminished future earning power
  • Disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

The changes in the life of a paralyzed person could be extensive. Most forms of paralysis require the use of a wheelchair or motorized scooter. In some cases, a person could require alterations to their home to be accessible for these devices. A plaintiff could recover damages for these costs with a successful claim.

Discuss Your Claim with a Rocky Mount Paralysis Injury Attorney

Following a paralysis accident, it is crucial to talk with an attorney right away. It is only fair for the person responsible for your injury to bear your accident-related expenses.

A Rocky Mount paralysis injury lawyer could assist you with a claim against the at-fault party. To learn more about how the right attorney could help, schedule a free case evaluation right away.