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Bicycle accidents in Winston-Salem can result in serious injuries to the bicyclists. A bicyclist does not have the protection of a vehicle. They may fall down from their bike, and they are more likely to break something, have road rash, and have even greater injuries.

Head injuries and orthopedic fractures are common injuries that can result from bicycle accidents in Winston-Salem. If you have been involved in a bike accident, a distinguished bicycle accident lawyer can help you proceed with filing a claim.

Bicycle Brain Injuries

As defined by medical and legal terms, a traumatic brain injury is any harm done to any structure or use of the brain. There are different degrees of brain injury such as mild, moderate, severe. If a cyclist falls or makes a direct impact with the car, the ground, that person’s brain is free floating in the fluid inside the skull. When forces are applied, the brain crashes into the inside of the skull and that typically causes the injury. A person’s brain serves a vital function in the thought process, in maintaining their body’s system. Any injury to the brain can have a significant impact on a person.

Broken Bones

Bones break either by direct impact with the vehicle or by falling and striking the ground. A person may be out of work for a long time, they could be incapacitated, have their mobility restricted and incur significant pain.

Other Bike Accident Injuries

Road rash, sliding across the ground and possibly soft tissue damage are all potential injuries for a bicyclist. If a person falls even without breaking something, their muscles and tissues are going to get stretched and jolted and probably lead to the soft tissue injury. The injuries are more severe because the cyclist is not protected by a surrounding structure.

Brain injuries would be first and first and foremost in long-term injuries. It can be a long impairment and with severe traumatic brain injury, those that can have lasting effects in terms of duration or it can shorten a person’s lifespan. Additionally, there are significant severe orthopedic injuries as well. Broken bones or fractures of a person’s spinal column can lead to paralysis or permanent impairment.

Following a Winston-Salem Accident

The first most important decision to make following a bicycle accident is to seek appropriate medical treatment. Then make sure a person’s claim is going to be handled appropriately and if it makes sense to get a lawyer involved. In most cases, it is important to report the fact of the incident and a person’s injury following their Winston-Salem bicycle accident to the at-fault driver’s insurance company as soon as they possibly can.

When to Contact a Lawyer

A person can contact an attorney at any point in the process. If a person has questions about what should happen, they should feel free to contact an attorney sooner than later, generally after they have received medical attention tending to their accident injuries.

Evidence disappears and memory fades, so it is important to gather all the information and preserve it while it still exists and memories are fresh, and to make sure that from the outset, they understand their rights regarding any potential claims they might have as opposed to simply information from an insurance adjuster.

An attorney can explain their rights regarding potential claims and how to go about either handling the claim on their own or hiring a lawyer, if it makes sense to do so. With these types of claims, there tends to be a built-in bias towards bicyclist and they may likely face a contributory negligence defense to their claim. An attorney can handle that nuance and try hard to get their client compensation for their injuries following their bicycle accident in Winston-Salem.