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If you were injured by a negligent driver while riding a motorcycle, our family wants to help your family. You don’t have to endure the legal process’s challenges alone. Our Winston-Salem motorcycle accident lawyers are here for you during this difficult time. We know you’re looking for more than a calculation of your damages; you’re looking for an advocate.

How do we know this? Because Whitley Law Firm has served people like you for more than 50 years. As such, we understand how severe injuries affect your physical and emotional health, family, finances, and future. There’s a lot at stake––and we intend to secure financial justice. You can start a free case review now by dialing (919) 785-5000.

We Take a Unique Approach to Motorcycle Accident Cases in Winston-Salem

Our personal injury team does not take every type of case. Instead, we focus solely on personal injury law. This way, you know where our strength, depth of knowledge, and experience excel. To us, you are not just a case file; you are part of the guiding principles that shape our purpose – a devotion to helping wrongfully injured people.

Working with us means you become part of the Whitley family. As such, we fight to protect your best interests as we would for our own. We still take care of everything needed to build a robust motorcycle accident claim, but we invest equal effort into taking care of you and your family. In practical terms, this can involve:

  • Recommending local treatment providers. This is also included if you are in need of a Winston-Salem car accident attorney.
  • Taking the time to fully understand how the accident has affected you and your family
  • Explaining your options for pursuing compensation and the laws that apply to your situation in a clear, understandable way – leaving the legalese behind
  • Guiding you and your family through every stage of the legal process, ensuring you get the care, medical treatment, and support you need
  • Managing every aspect of your claim so that you can focus on your recovery
  • Giving you your lawyer’s email and phone number, allowing you can make as many appointments as you need
  • Offering a free initial consultation where we provide comprehensive legal advice about your claim

We Make Legal Help Financially Accessible to Motorcycle Accident Claimants

We provide our legal services on a contingency-fee basis. There are no upfront fees or hidden costs, and our fees are completely transparent. What’s more, you owe us nothing unless we obtain compensation for you in a settlement or court verdict.

If you have questions about making a claim or having problems claiming for a motorcycle accident, we encourage you to call us. It won’t cost you a thing except a little of your time. We will help you understand your legal options and next steps – for free. Meanwhile, read on to learn about the legal challenges of pursuing compensation as a motorcyclist, how financial damages are calculated, and what you can claim.

How We Overcome Prejudice Against Motorcyclists in Personal Injury Claims

Unfortunately, many people have a negative perception of motorcycle riders as being reckless, which could impact your right to compensation. However, from our experience representing injured riders, this could not be further from the truth. Most motorcyclists are responsible people – but not everyone shares our view.

Bias against motorcyclists can influence eyewitnesses, law enforcement, jurors, and insurers, causing disputes over fault. In North Carolina, if you are in any way at fault, you cannot claim compensation, so we need to challenge any unfair prejudice to ensure you are fairly compensated.

Our Law Firm Handles All Case-Related Obligations From Beginning to End

We aim to build a solid, evidence-based case based on North Carolina laws. We will:

  • Investigate the cause of the accident, shedding light on who is responsible and why
  • Gather and preserve the evidence required to prove the defendant’s fault
  • Shield you from leading or unfair questions from insurance companies
  • Take care of all case-related communications
  • Fight for you as we would for our own family, leading negotiations for the compensation you deserve

Simply put, we will stand with you, protecting your rights, while challenging any bias that could negatively affect your case.

You Deserve Compensation for Each of Your Accident-Related Losses

Compensation intends to make you financially whole after suffering a serious collision. Therefore, it is essential that we carefully evaluate all current and anticipated financial damages related to your:

  • Medical bills and treatment costs
  • Your current and ongoing rehabilitation, including home adaptations or specialist care
  • Lost income while you recover
  • Reduced earning capacity (if your injuries prevent you from working in the future or limit what you can do)
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering (such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms)
  • Diminished quality of life caused by permanent injuries
  • Lost or damaged property
  • Any money you spent out of pocket

We Advocate for Grieving Families in Winston-Salem

If the accident was fatal, we are truly sorry for your loss. We know thinking about making a legal claim is the last thing on your mind right now and that no amount of money could ever compensate for your grief. However, you should not have to worry about your wrongful death case with our team on your side.

We hope you will allow us to alleviate some of the strain when you are ready. Our team is here to care for you while seeking justice and compensation for your family.  Compensable losses in your wrongful death case may include palliative care, pre-death pain and suffering, and funeral expenses.

Call Our Motorcycle Injury Lawyers in Winston-Salem for Legal Support

Lawyer Explaining to His Client the Workers' Compensation

To learn more about how we will support you and your family after a motorcycle accident, take the first step along your journey to recovery and contact our team at (919) 785-5000. During your free consultation, we can learn your story, outline your legal options, and start advocating for you.