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People expect that the products they use are reasonably safe. Even items that appear dangerous on the surface, such as power tools, should not cause any undue harm when used and handled properly. Unfortunately, people are frequently injured due to unsafe products. However, the manufacturers of these products may carry civil liability to compensate injured users.

If you were harmed while using a product safely and as recommended, a Cary defective products lawyer might be able to help. An accomplished injury attorney could help to investigate the facts behind the item’s failure, gather evidence to determine fault, and represent your interests during each step of the legal process.

The Legal Causes of Action in Defective Products Cases

Naturally, it is not enough for a plaintiff to simply allege that a failing product caused their injuries—even when damages are apparent. Instead, the law requires that a potential claimant must first prove a specific set of circumstances in order to collect compensation. Because of the often complex nature of this process, a Cary defective products lawyer could help to assess the circumstances of a claim and determine a course of action.

One method to pursue a case revolves around the idea that the product caused an injury due to a defective design or design flaw. Here, an injured person would need to demonstrate that the item was defective, as well as providing an alternative design that would have reasonably prevented the injury, as outlined in North Carolina General Statutes §99B-6.

Improper warning cases, on the other hand, involve circumstances where a manufacturer did not provide adequate instructions on how to properly use the item. For example, most manufacturers place stickers on products and include detailed instruction manuals in their packaging. Under N.C.G.S. §99B-5, plaintiffs could argue that a provided warning— if any —by the maker was inadequate to allow an average user to safely use the product.

Injuries From The Misuse of Products

It is a simple fact that even the best-made products will eventually fail. While these failures may result in severe injuries for their users, the law places restrictions on who may sue for damages. For example, a user that fails to properly maintain a product and causes it to wear down beyond standard use may not be able to sue for any resulting damages.

Similarly, a person who misuses a product may have a difficult time collecting compensation, due to their own fault. A seasoned attorney could help an injured person by examining the reasons for their injuries from using a faulty product and determine if they are eligible to file a claim for compensation under the applicable laws.

Reach Out To A Cary Defective Products Attorney For Help

If you have endured an injury following the safe and proper use of a product, you may have the right to collect compensation for your losses and may benefit from the aid of a Cary defective products lawyer. Recovering from an injury might be difficult and time-consuming, possibly making the idea of pursuing recovery for your losses seem daunting.

A steadfast injury attorney could help to alleviate your stress and be a guide through each step of the process. If retained, a legal professional could help to choose a cause of action that fits the facts of your claim and work to see that you are rightfully compensated. To schedule a consultation and begin working on a claim, call today.