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Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits means navigating through complex legal issues, adhering to administrative deadlines and procedures, and sifting through medical records. These are likely challenges that you do not face on a daily basis.

One of the many benefits of hiring a Greenville SSDI lawyer is that they encounter these issues daily in their line of work. A lawyer could be a valuable resource for you during your SSDI case.

Knowledgeable attorneys have extensive knowledge about SSDI, which gives them the ability to promptly and accurately answer your questions that may otherwise take many hours of research for you to answer yourself. You can rely on a dedicated attorney for the information and representation you need during your SSDI proceeding.

Communication with the Social Security Administration

With any SSDI matter, there will be ongoing communication with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA is an independent government agency that is responsible for administering Social Security disability benefits such as SSDI. A lawyer could serve as a liaison between an individual and the SSA, as well as facilitate productive conversations.

Getting in touch with the right person at the SSA can be time-consuming and may require several follow up calls. By letting an attorney communicate with SSA on their behalf, disabled individuals have the extra time they need to focus on their health and well-being.

Preparation of SSDI Claims

Many SSDI claims are denied because forms are incorrectly completed or do not contain sufficient evidence to support the underlying claim. An attorney could ensure that all relevant information is submitted with the initial claim, which may improve the chances of attaining a favorable result.

An attorney is also familiar with the strict deadlines are imposed at all stages of the SSDI application and appeals processes and can ensure that these deadlines are met.

Reviewing Medical Records

Medical records are a necessary part of every SSDI claim. Without medical evidence demonstrating that the disability will last longer than a year or is terminal, a claim will most likely be denied. A dedicated SSDI lawyer could assist in this process by:

  • Reviewing all the medical records
  • Determining what is relevant to a case
  • Organizing the information in a clear and convincing manner
  • Identifying any problematic gaps in the medical records

One of the benefits of hiring a Greenville SSDI lawyer is that they could also communicate with physicians to coordinate any letters of opinion that may be useful in the case.

Representation During Disability Appeals

Once a claim reaches the hearing stage, it becomes particularly advantageous to work with a lawyer. Preparing for an SSDI hearing before an administrative law judge is much like preparing for a hearing in court.

Evidence needs to be gathered and presented to make the best argument possible to support that an individual is entitled to SSDI benefits. A lawyer could help someone prepare for the hearing as well as question witnesses present at the hearing.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn About the Benefits of Hiring a Greenville SSDI Attorney

If you are interested in securing legal representation for your SSDI case, consider scheduling an initial consultation with a qualified attorney. A SSDI lawyer could review your case and speak with you about how they could help. Call today to begin experiencing the benefits of hiring a Greenville SSDI lawyer.