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Biking is an American pastime and a generally safe way to have fun, get exercise, or commute to school or work. But when one experiences an accident while biking, the injuries can be severe. Unlike motor vehicle travel, the bicycle offers less protection to one’s body in the case of a crash. Even when a bicyclist is wearing a helmet, an accident can cause serious injuries to both head and body.

If you have been in an accident, you may need a Jacksonville bicycle accident lawyer to help ensure that you are protected legally and financially. Contact a compassionate accident attorney right away for help pursuing compensation.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

There are many circumstances that lead to a bicycle accident in Jacksonville, including:

  • A bicycle and motor vehicle collide at an intersection
  • A motor vehicle hits a bicycle while exiting a driveway or parking space
  • A driver opens their motor vehicle door and hits a passing bicyclist
  • Collisions with other bicyclists
  • There is an obstruction or hazard in the bicycle’s path

How Could Someone Avoid a Cycling Accident?

As a bicyclist sharing the road with motor vehicles, people can be somewhat vulnerable to harm. Of course, people can never reduce their risk of an accident to zero, but there are guidelines people can follow in order to reduce their risk of a serious accident. Following these rules can also help protect people from liability in the event they are in an accident:

  • While operating a bicycle on the road, remember to follow the applicable right-of-way rules
  • Never pass cars on the right
  • Utilize bicycle side mirrors as one would in a car
  • Always be prepared to brake suddenly in case a motorist stops short or cuts the bike off

Bicycle Laws in North Carolina

A Jacksonville bicycle accident lawyer will help individuals seek compensation for any injuries sustained during a bicycle accident. The lawyer will listen to the unique circumstances surrounding the accident and advise them of their rights.

Each state may have slightly different laws that apply to bicyclists. Keeping in mind the applicable laws in North Carolina that pertain to bicyclists will help people to protect themselves.

In North Carolina, a bicyclist has the same rights and responsibilities as a motorist. Many of the laws that apply to someone driving a car also apply to someone riding a bicycle. As such, bicyclists must ride on the right side of the road, along with motor vehicle traffic.

Are There Any Exceptions to Bicycle Laws?

According to North Carolina General Statute § 20-146, some exceptions to this rule include when there is an obstruction on the right side of the road which the bicyclist must avoid, or when the bicyclist passes another vehicle.

Working with a Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Attorney

After a bicycle accident, people are probably wondering exactly what their rights and responsibilities are. The injuries sustained in a bike accident can be physical, but can also be financial and emotional. Many victims of bicycle accidents have prolonged pain or disability.

If you have suffered an injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation to assist with medical costs, loss of work, or pain and suffering.

People cannot go back in time and undo the accident, but the right Jacksonville bicycle accident lawyer will fight for you or your loved one in the pursuit of justice and fairness. If you are interested in learning more about how skilled attorneys can help, contact today.