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Life is filled with both planned and unexpected occurrences. An unexpected injury can place a once healthy person on the proverbial sidelines of their life. Vehicle accidents, birth defects, and/or unanticipated health conditions can disable a person, rendering it necessary to seek Social Security benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Although submitting an application does not seem inherently difficult, applying for benefits through the Social Security Administration can be difficult because of the complexity of the application. Appealing a denied claim can also be complex.

Having an experienced injury attorney to assist during the application process and/or appeal increases the chances that the application will be approved.

If you are seeking benefits through the Social Security Administration in Jacksonville, contact an experienced Jacksonville Social Security lawyer to have your file reviewed.

Social Security Administration Claims

The process of applying for Social Security Administration benefits is rife with potential pitfalls. The submitted application has to be free of errors and be accompanied with required documentation. Additionally, requested documentation must be provided by set deadlines, and requested next steps must be completed timely. Requested documentation may include obtaining medical records from multiple physicians. Required next steps can include going to a physician that is selected by the Social Security Administration.

Tracking the information that is necessary to submit a completed application can be a difficult process. Ensuring that the correct documents are the documents received from a physician’s office requires some degree of savvy. Getting the records, once requested, may be subject to processing delays by the physician’s office, regardless of the office’s size. Further, if an individual does not have access to a scanner and an email address or facsimile machine at home, getting the necessary information requires some degree of mobility and regular access to transportation.

For low-income and disabled individuals, the Social Security Administration application process is daunting. A local Social Security lawyer can be incredibly helpful during the application process because of their familiarity with the process and consistent access to standard office equipment.

Social Security Administration Denials

Applications for Social Security Administration benefits can be denied for any number of reasons; however, many of the reasons that applications are denied are avoidable. Submitting an incomplete application, not providing medical records or other requested documentation, and /or failing to attend scheduled appointments with approved Social Security Administration physicians, could result in an application for Social Security benefits being denied.

Not understanding a question may result in an applicant responding to the question incorrectly or not responding to the question at all. Providing verification of an injury or documentation that establishes a person went to a hospital for emergency treatment may not constitute providing medical records, if the documentation fails to establish the extent of the disability resulting from that injury.

Applications for Social Security benefits are commonly denied for similar reasons, but can be avoided if applicants work with Social Security lawyers beforehand.

How a Jacksonville Social Security Attorney Can Help

An application for Social Security Administration benefits being denied does not constitute the end of the process. A large number of applications that are initially denied are ultimately approved.

Working with an experienced Jacksonville Social Security lawyer during the application process and/or following the denial of an application dramatically increases your chances of success in the process. Whether you need assistance applying for benefits or while your appeal is pending, a skilled attorney will work hard toward the best possible outcome.