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Workers who are injured or disabled in a New Bern power plant can use North Carolina’s workers’ compensation program to pay for medical expenses and loss of pay because they cannot work. As with any government program, the rules and procedures are complicated and can be confusing, and the forms necessary to apply for benefits must be complete and free of errors. To save time and get applications approved quickly, it is often beneficial to have experienced legal help. A New Bern power plant workplace injuries lawyer could help you understand the process, policy, and the rules for submitting a proper claim, as well as how to avoid a good claim from being denied. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated injury attorney could advocate for your compensation today.

Overview of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The workers’ compensation program is intended to help reduce time-consuming lawsuits against employers, protect workers who are injured or disabled in a power plant accident receive benefits, and provide injured employees with benefits. The North Carolina Industrial Commission processes workers’ compensation claims in New Bern. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides for medical care and replacing paychecks that cannot be earned because of missed time from work. While a worker is recovering from an injury, the program pays out weekly payments equal to two-thirds of a worker’s average weekly earnings based on the previous 12 months before the accident.

Benefits for accidents are paid even if the incident was the employee’s own fault, but not if the worker was intoxicated when causing the accident. Unlike some other states, North Carolina’s courts have also allowed mental illness to be covered if the employee can prove the illness was partly caused by the worker’s job duties. Work-related diseases and loss of hearing are covered as well, but special rules need to be followed. A knowledgeable New Bern power plant workplace injuries lawyer can offer their assistance in this regard.

Applying for Coverage

At the time of their accident, a power plant worker must tell a plant supervisor about what happened and promptly seek medical care. If an employee visits a doctor other than one selected by their company, it is important to tell the physician that the injury was work-related so it can be reimbursed as a workers’ compensation claim. The employee needs to advise the power company in writing about the injury within 30 days from when it happened. The next step is to complete Form 18, which is the basic form that establishes a workers’ compensation claim, and submit it to the North Carolina Industrial Commission, preferably within 30 days of the accident but no longer than two years after at most. Reach out to a skilled injury attorney to learn more.

Claim Refusals in New Bern

If the paperwork is not complete or contains mistakes, the North Carolina Industrial Commission can deny a workers’ comp claim. If that happens, the power plant employee has a right to appeal the denial. The proper procedures must be followed and the worker must provide evidence, such as the sworn statements of co-workers who witnessed the accident, medical reports, and other relevant documentation. An appeal is automatically sent to mediation, which is a hearing presided over by an independent entity, often a retired judge. If the employee is not satisfied with the mediator’s decision, the appeal may be heard by a member of the commission, and failing that, by the entire commission. An experienced New Bern power plant workplace injuries lawyer can advocate for an employee throughout the appeal process if necessary.

How a New Bern Power Plant Workplace Injuries Lawyer Can Help

A qualified New Bern power plant workplace injuries lawyer knows the workers’ compensation system as well as its administrators. Without legal help, an employee unfamiliar with the process or the rules would probably have a much harder time winning their appeal. Reach out to a compassionate New Bern power plant workplace injuries lawyer today to schedule your consultation and review your case.