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Turbulence and other forms of bad weather can result in severe injuries to unrestrained passengers, and in some cases, may even contribute to airplane crashes. When negligence concerning turbulence or bad weather causes accidents, injured passengers and plane occupants may claim damages against various parties. Turbulence and bad weather injury in Raleigh are among the many potential situations that can result in airplane occupant personal injury claims.

Although some degree of turbulence is normal, and pilots cannot always anticipate it, other scenarios exist in which pilots, plane owners, and air traffic controllers should make better decisions for everyone involved. A careless disregard for the safety of others often can lead to significant injuries. Involving an experienced injury attorney may be the best way to determine if you or your family members have a viable claim for compensation.

Turbulence Injuries in Raleigh

Turbulence occurs as a result of unexpected and unseen air movement stemming from a variety of causes. Some of the potential reasons for turbulence include jet streams, cold or warm fronts, or changes in atmospheric pressure, among other situations. Even what appears to be clear weather can involve turbulence in some cases, often making it hard to anticipate.

Not only can turbulence be frightening to airplane passengers, but it also can result in physical injuries to passengers. In some cases, severe turbulence can even cause airplane crashes. In both these situations, passengers may suffer substantial physical injuries and emotional trauma, which may be compensable through a personal injury claim.

For example, passengers who are not wearing their seatbelts may be thrown about the cabin, fall, or otherwise injure themselves without warning due to turbulence. This condition, as well as other forms of bad weather, also can shift heavy baggage in overhead bins and cause it to fall on passengers. Likewise, flight crew members serving hot drinks may inadvertently spill them on passengers, leading to burns and other types of bad weather and turbulence injury in Raleigh.

Determining Causation in Aviation Injury Claims

Determining the cause of flight-related injuries is often one of the most complicated portions of an aviation personal injury claim. By isolating the factors that led to accidents that occur in turbulence or bad weather, legal counsel may be able to form a personal injury claim and gather the evidence necessary to support that claim. This process also helps determine the potentially liable parties in any claims related to the injuries.

Some of the areas of investigation in cases involving Raleigh turbulence and bad weather injury are crucial to maintaining a valid legal claim. These areas might include:

  • Charting and plotting the intended trajectory of the flight
  • Documenting the weather patterns at the time of the accident
  • Determining whether pilots followed appropriate procedures, such as the pre-flight weather dispatches, operation of radar, and communicating with air traffic controllers and others
  • Measuring the appropriateness of the actions of the pilot in response to impending weather reports or warning

If the evidence indicates that the pilot, air traffic controller, or other party acted negligently in some manner, they may be liable for the injuries resulting from their action or inaction. Injury victims, or the surviving family members of deceased victims, thus may be able to pursue a claim against the liable parties through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Compensation for Injuries Caused by Bad Weather and Turbulence in Raleigh

The aftereffects of an aviation-related injury, accident, or crash can be devastating. Victims can suffer permanent impairment, or in some cases, their injuries may be fatal. Assigning liability to those who cause turbulence and bad weather injury in Raleigh can be crucial to pursue a personal injury claim successfully. Working with skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel may be the best way to achieve this goal.

Compensation can be essential to the recovery of victims and their families in these cases. A personal injury claim also may allow you and your family to hold negligent parties responsible for causing injuries. You can send a message that negligent behavior will not be tolerated. To get started on your claim, schedule a consultation today.