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If you are planning on pursuing social security disability benefits (SSDI), it might prove beneficial to seek legal assistance. While coverage under SSDI might be helpful, it may be difficult to obtain benefits on your own or to even understand if you are eligible. Fortunately, an experienced social security disability attorney could help.

The benefits of hiring a Raleigh SSDI lawyer could be far-reaching from determining the validity of your claim to assistance with compiling thorough evidence. Furthermore, a proactive attorney might help with completing the application forms and other essential documentation to promptly file a claim for benefits, as well as negotiate through the appeals process in the event of a denial.

How Could an Attorney Help Filing for SSDI Benefits?

When an injured person is looking to seek benefits under social security disability in Raleigh—or if they are appealing an initial denial—a skilled Raleigh lawyer could help with each step. For example, an attorney could work to expedite each step of the claims process in order to get claimant benefits as soon as possible.

Furthermore, a Raleigh legal professional assisting with an SSDI benefits application might be a valuable resource for each step of the process while adhering to the attorney-client agreement of confidentiality. This means that a lawyer could help to assemble the relevant medical documentation for a claim without a claimant having to worry that their personal information is being misused.

The Appeals Process in Raleigh

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, an SSA official will deny a first-time application for disability benefits, which might lead an individual to give up or simply file the same claim again. Usually, these additional claims will have the same result, as they are merely being re-submitted without alteration. However, a rejected claim might still be turned into a successful application for social security disability benefits through the appeals process. A well-versed Raleigh attorney could assist a claimant with appealing a denied claim.

By working to gather any new and relevant information, a detail-oriented lawyer could help file the proper paperwork for an appeal. While these claims can be more exhaustive and complex, they can also be more likely to yield positive results. Furthermore, a Raleigh legal professional could help prepare a claimant for a hearing with an administrative law judge and stand by their side during the court proceedings.

Learn the Benefits of Hiring a Raleigh SSDI Attorney Today

If you were hurt and are seeking aid by obtaining social security disability insurance, it might prove beneficial to seek the counsel of a hardworking Raleigh attorney. A lawyer could help to assemble the necessary documentation for a claim and review each component to ensure that it is complete for filing.

If the SSA denies your application for coverage, a tenacious attorney might be able to file an appeal on your behalf, represent you at a hearing, and argue that the claim was wrongfully denied. To understand the many benefits of hiring a Raleigh SSDI lawyer, call today.